Exclusive Interview with Serinda Swan

March 30, 2009

Serinda Swan has an interesting name and an exciting future. The Canadian model/actress is not only beautiful, she’s also funny and talented. Serinda is set to portray sexy comic book character Zatanna in Smallville and has a role in the highly anticipated Tron 2.0. We chatted with Serinda about her latest acting roles, her dislike of mismatching socks, and her “really attractive” hidden talents.

Where does your name come from?

My name is an ancient Tibetan musical instrument, a wind instrument. I’ve never played it, because it’s quite ancient and I don't think I could find one even if I tried.

How did you get your start in modeling and acting?

I started in acting because my mother was an actress. She had a role in Cousins. I was brought along as a package deal. I loved being on set. I was only three, so I didn’t  really know what acting was but I think I just liked the free food and candy.

What did you do on set?

I had to listen to a really gross story and go, “ohhhhhh.” Then I got to dance with Ted Danson. I was the random kid on set.

What’s the hardest thing about modeling?

One of the hardest things is the weight factor issue. I’ve never heard of a size 0 or a negative human. That’s hard. A lot of girls aren’t naturally built that way. Also, the lack of having an opinion is the main difficulty. I was always like “How about we try this?” or “Let’s do that.” I sort of got the look, “Shut up, model. We pay you for your face, not your mind.”

What the strangest photo shoot you’ve ever been on?

The weirdest shoot was a February bikini shoot in Canada. Canada is not very tropical in the winter, as you can imagine, but we shot on a beach in the water. I remember trying to breathe and trying not  to look like I had hypothermia. Another one was where I was meant to look like an ice queen and I ended up looking like a really cold grandma.

Your photos were taken by Karolina Turek. What’s it like working with her?

She is unbelievable. Not only is she extremely talented, but she is a blast to work with. Obviously when you see photos of her, you’ll see how gorgeous she is. She really celebrates the beauty of a woman.

You are an avid poker player, how often do you play?

I play online poker. Sometimes I grab a bunch of friends and play, or once in a while I go to a casino and do all the things my buddy, Phil Hellmuth from Absolute Poker, taught me. He taught me some tricks and he’s amazing because he’s an 11-time world champion. It’s nice to have his input. I’ll go to the casino and spill my chips, pretend I’m a ditz or overbet. It’s fun.

Is poker more about luck or skill?

It’s definitely 100 percent about skill. Luck does come into play. As a famous poker player once said, “I’d win every hand if it wasn’t for luck.” There is so much in poker I had no idea about, such as card counting or reading body language. It definitely takes a lot of the luck out.


You recently portrayed the DC Comics trickstress Zatanna on Smallville, what was it like playing such an iconic character?

It was amazing. It was a little nerve-racking because there is so much backstory about this character. There are so many people who are big fans of Zatanna. For me I didn’t want to let them down. I wanted to keep the accuracy of the character and still have tons of fun. I did my research and went to comic book stores.

Did you get to keep the outfit?

No. But I loved the outfit and I loved the costume designers for keeping it so accurate. When I first found out I was playing a magician, I wasn’t happy. All I could think of was Mickey Mouse from Fantasia, with the hat and the big glove. I thought I was going to be really dorky looking. Then they pulled out a picture of the costume and I was like, “Wow, okay I like being a magician!”

Are you a fan of comic books? What other comic book characters would you like to portray?

I love Catwoman. Zatanna actually gets into a few fights with Catwoman in one of the comics. So its a tough one, but I’m pretty sure I like being Zatanna better (she has better skills)

You have a role in Tron 2.0. Can you tell us who you play and what we can expect from the film?

Everything is pretty hush-hush right now. We don’t even have scripts. Everyone on set is sworn to secrecy. That’s basically all I can say.  It’s obviously a sequel to Tron. You’ll see some of the same characters coming back. You’ll see updated graphics. If you go to IMDB, you’ll be able to keep up with information as it’s released.

When will it be released?


Do you have any hidden talent?

I can turn my tongue into a clover. My mom taught me how to do the clover and a wave with my tongue. I can also do a wicked, awesome lazy eye. If I’m in a crazy mood on set and we need continuity shots I will bust out my super random lazy eye. I have really attractive talents!

What do you look for in a man?

He definitely has to have a sense of humor. If he’s not funny, I’m not down. I like tall, dark and handsome. Blue eyes help - I’m describing my boyfriend. He must love dogs. My boyfriend bought me a puppy for Valentine’s Day. A sense of humor and being true to themselves are the most important qualities.

What’s one bit of advice you’d like to share with all men?

Always wear matching socks. Always! I know so many girls who judge guys on mismatching socks. I know it’s shallow, but it’s very bothersome. You can see everything else on a person, except their socks. If they don’t keep their socks clean and in order, then everything else is a façade.

Does sock color matter?

Don’t do the white ones with the grey bottoms – they remind me of something dirty on the floor. Patterns – a funky pattern adds a bit of shazam.

For more information about Serinda, visit her website SerindaSwan.com or IMDB.