Voice America-The F.L.E.X. Approach With Richard Chan

February 7, 2010

Hi All,

I just wanted to keep everyone informed of my new show on Voice America Its called The F.L.E.X. Approach which stands for Focus (a persons mind and intention), Lifestyle (extends to you making the necessary changes by adjusting yourself to those variables), Energy (staying upbeat with a positive attitude) Xercise (to stay healthy with our mind, body, and soul). This network will be listeners interested or seeking greater awareness of universal principles and want more meaning and inspiration in their daily lives.  The show is unique and I will be discussing about health and wellness, exercising, nutrition, healing, spirituality, and so on.  For more information go to http://www.flexnation.org or email me at richard@flexnation.org.

This station generates close to 3 million listeners every month on this popular show.  Its one of the 2 most popular categories on Voice America is the 7'th Wave Network.  I will be hosting it once a week on Mondays 8pm EST and 5pm PST starting January 25, 2010.  Every week I will have a new expert speaker that will keep you interested and live calls are accepted in the 2nd segment of the 1 hour show.  



1. <Tony Kosinec> - Jan 25, 2010 (An award winning writer and producer with over 30 plus years in the TV and music production. A producer and creator of the Actra award winning Radio Heartbeat.  Lead composer for the Emmy Award winning CBS mini series Joan of Arc.  He's written and created international advertising campaigns, musical scores, and talent direction for CBS, The Disney Channel, Turner Broadcasting, Discovery Channel, A&E, CBC, Glbal TV, CTV, and Nelvana.  Tony Kosinec of Ashlag Research and Educational Institute is a senior English language lecturer on Kabblah.) I am proud to know Tony as a friend and brother of mine. Im always observing how he conducts himself with others and his compassion for people. 

2. <Steve Cotter> - Feb 1, 2010 (A world renowned martial artist and strength and conditioning instructor.  He's the owner of Full KOntact Kettlebells and Full KOntact Fitness.  Steve is also director and founder of the most recent kettlebell and fitness certifying organization, the international Kettlebell & Fitness Federation, with certified instructors in every continent: IKFF) I can humbly say I am glad to know this powerful but yet kind and passionate friend.

3. <Wendy Woods- Feb 8, 2010 (A leading expert that coaches organizations with networking, emotional intelligence, career coaching, communication coaching, stress management coaching, etc.  Wendy has been implementing laughter yoga for many years with companies she has coached.  She has been on Entertainment Tonight Canada, CTV News, Breakfast Television, etc) A friend that has a joyful laughter and she is able to put a smile on your face.  Laughing does heal a person!

4. <Dora Nudelman>- Feb 15, 2010 (A Personal Development Writer/Author, Motivational Speaker, Expert Quality of Life Advisor and Life Purpose Coach.  She is the founder and CEO of the Quality of Life Advisors Group, which is a lifestyle consulting firm that helps people find their purpose and live out their dreams.  Dora also coaches people on how to use the power of mind create their own highest quality of life.  Dora is the author of "The Purpose Book.  From Inspiration, to Action, to Manifestation.  10 Steps to Finding Your Purpose Following Through and Living of Your Dreams") I'm a huge fan of Dora's writing and someone I respect very much.  I look forward to grabbing one of her best selling books somehow before it goes onto the shelves!

5. <Kris Gethin> - Feb 22, 2010 (Well known in the bodybuilding industry as the Editor in Chief for Bodybuilding.com.  A life time natural drug free bodybuilder.  Wrote for FLEX and Muscle & Fitness Australia, writer and photographer for FLEX International and as a Nutritional contest consultant, writer and photographer in the USA for FLEX magazine, had hundreds of articles published in Iron Man, Muscle Mag, Max Sports, XOXO, Body Fitness, Muscle News, Physique, Planet Muscle and FAME Magazine, published own publication called Kaged Muscle) A down to earth and strong minded friend of mine who has compassion for others. I've got to know Kris as a writer for the bodybuilding.com organization. 

6. <Yuri Dojc> - March 1, 2010 (A long list of credentials for this world known photographer.  He exploded onto the scene with posters from Joel Schumachers movie D.C. Cab to must-see TV's Parker Lewis Cant Lose.  Over the next decade the master eroticist really came into his own and his commercial oeuvre grew to include a bevy of Fortune 500 heavyweights.  Flash forward to Y2K decade and when L'espresso a prestigious Italian imprint decided to collect the worlds best nude photographers in a series of signature books, Yuri Dojc was among the artists Robert Mapplethorpe, Man Ray, and Bill Brandt.) A very good friend of mine who gives me excellent advice on life behind the lens! 

I am working on some exciting notable experts and working on a schedule with them.  I shall keep you posted on some other international experts.  Thank you.