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The Hidden Surprises of Celebrity Storage

by mhofstatter   November 01, 2010 at 3:01PM  |  Views: 1,145

Rod Balgojevich

Source: Getty Images News

Unfortunately, we're still talking about Mr. Hairpiece.  This summer, amidst his corruption trial, the disgraced Illinois governor was faced with an ultimatum.  Pay the year's worth of fees he owed Chicago's Boyer-Rosene Moving & Storage for use of their facilities, or see the contents of his 5-by-7 unit go up for auction.  They went up for auction.   The contents were rather tame, mostly documents, except of course for the life-size statue of Elvis Presley.  The proceeds of the auction went to a local charity, the Children's Memorial Hospital, according to the site's owner.  As for "Rod the Bod," he's still awaiting a retrial following a hung jury in his first court appearance.  There's a joke about "Jailhouse Rock" in there somewhere, but this writer is too high-brow for that.


"Suge" Knight

Source: WireImage

Suge Knight has had his share of the good times.  Most of them involved Escalades, Cristal, and threatening people, but in recent years Knight has also had his share of the bad times.  In February 2010, Conejo Valley Moving & Storage sold at auction many of Knight's personal items to recoup thousands of dollars in losses after, surprise, surprise, he didn't pay them what they were owed!  Knight, who filed for bankruptcy in 2006 and is said to be millions of dollars in debt, sold off his Malibu mansion in 2008. The auctioned items stem from that real estate sale.  The auction, which included personal items, but never got any more interesting than a couple of photos of Knight and deceased rapper Tupac Shakur, netted a minor $4,500 at the end of the day.  Deduct that from the $105 million he owes former Death Row partner, Lydia Harris, the $6.8 million he owes his lawyers in legal fees, and the $40,476 a month he owes in child support...yeah, it sucks to be Suge Knight.  Sorry, Suge.


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