The New Mixtape

June 16, 2008



You can now circumvent the mixtape, the burned cd, or the ipod playlist with a highly-customizable music collection that gives a nostalgic nod to its forbearers.  I miss the old days. Suck UK has for sale a mix tape-shaped flash drive for the tech savvy high school crusher/crushee. 


If you’re old enough to remember mix tapes, then bless you.  That was the golden era of mixology.  Relationships were born, bread, and blown to pieces with incisive, often radio-recorded playlists, but a lot has changed since then.

Along came the burned CD.  To some (superficial people) they were a blessing.  They allowed you to go to your favorite track and listen to it over and over!  However, they gutted the art of mixtape track order.  This is an art (I’m convinced) is still practiced but almost never appreciated in the age of the mix CD.

Now, a new, dark age has come to this dying art, threatening to extinguish the candlelight we mixologist hunched over, laboring over whether or not to include the second song you kissed too.  Because if she misses the allusion, “Bitches Ain’t Sh*t” by Dr. Dre will seem woefully inappropriate.  But, at least this product acknowledges the plight, nods to the ghosts of mixing past. I'll take what I can get.