Gladiator vs Shaolin Monk

October 24, 2010

Beginning Assessment: Rome's live-or-die entertainers that would be given the command to kill. China's versatile pacifists that would protect their valuables and temple.


Short Range: Sica Sword.

Mid Range: Trident & Net.

Long Range: Sling.

Special: Scissor.

Shaolin Monk:

Short Range: Dao Sword.

Mid Range: Twin Hooks.

Long Range: Fire & Wind Wheels.

Special: Whip Chain.


Sica vs Dao. Edge = Dao.

Both these weapons are really great designed swords, but even though the Sica can find a chink in any armor, the Dao is superior because it has greater slashing power and has a clean stab.

Trident & Net vs Twin Hooks. Edge = Twin Hooks.

The Twin Hooks are way more faster, and there are two of them. Though I still like the Net that can capture you and than the Trident stabs you.

Sling vs Wheels. Edge = Wheels.

The Wheels can be thrown accurately and are more deadly than the piece of rock or lead swung in the Sling.

Scissor vs Whip Chain. Edge = Scissor.

The Whip Chain is a little too flimsy of a weapon, but the Scissor will cut you in half in a second.


Inside a large Euro-Asian temple is a big empty area where a Gladiator comes out. He thinks he's back in Rome, until he sees a man dressed in orange run in front of him, twenty feet away. The Gladiator is confused because he's never seen a "Gladiator" dressed like this before. He pulls out a sling.

The sling is starting to swing, and knowing there is going to be trouble, the Monk pulls out two fire & wind wheels. The Gladiator throws the swing, and the projectile missed the Monk by a few inches. The Gladiator now sees the wheels, so he pulls his shield from behind his back. The wheels were thrown.

One of the wheels wedged itself into the Gladiator's shield, and the other one missed, lodging into the wall behind him. The Gladiator revealed his trident and net, leaving behind his shield. The Monk pulled out a dao sword.

The Gladiator charged with his trident extended out. The dao caught into the spaces of the trident, and the Gladiator decided it was time to throw his net. The net caught the legs of the Monk, making him drop his dao.

The Monk tries to untangle himself, while the Gladiator grabs his trident again. The Monk as able to roll away and when he got to his feet, he saw a very angry Gladiator coming at him. The Monk pulled out his whip chain, and it wrapped around the Gladiator's trident.

The trident was yanked out of the Gladiator's hands, but he put on a scissor. The whip chain got around the other arm of the Gladiator, which the tip stung his arm, but he got rid of it by cutting it with the scissor. The Monk pulled out his twin hooks.

Hook met scissor. When the Monk got close enough to the Gladiator, he used one of the hooks to trab the Gladiator's slicing arm. The Gladiator was fast enough to pull out his sica, however it fell into the chrisen shape of the other hook, blocking his blade.

The two warriors fought over their blades, but the Gladiator eventually overpowered the Monk and lacerate his arm. The Monk jumped back and was able to hold on to both hooks. He clipped them together.

From out of nowhere, the two hooks, now linked together, flew towards the Gladiator. It scratched his chest, but didn't kill. He tried to stab with his sica, but the flying hooks knocked it away. The Gladiator punched with his scissor, but the hooks came around one more time, and severed his arm off.

The Gladiator's arm flew across the arena, and he tried to get out of there but was overwhelmed with pain. The Shaolin Monk got to him, and he used one of the hooks to go in his neck. The Gladiator fell down, amputated and decapitated. The Monk dropped his hook, and bowed to the dead Gladiator.

Shaolin Monk: 604.

Dao: 182.

Twin Hooks: 319.

Fire & Wind Wheels: 64.

Whip Chain: 39.

Gladiator: 396.

Sica: 114.

Trident & Net: 148.

Sling: 59.

Scissor: 75.

Ending Assessment: The Shaolin Monk's versatility and speed, along with fast and deadly weapons, ended him out on top.

Best Weapon: The Monk's double Twin Hooks slashed and stabbed in with a total of 319 kills.

Worst Weapon: The Whip Chain only killed the Gladiator 39 times.