MTV Says Farewell to Bush

January 16, 2009

Here at MTV Networks, we’ve got all the Bush you could possibly want.  We’ve almost suffocated you with Bush, and that’s a lot of Bush.  In addition to our 10 Dumbest Bush Moments here on Spike, we’ve got a few other tasty tidbits to fill up your Friday.

Comedy Central has a roundup of their flagship funnyman, Jon Stewart and his 8 great years of Bush impressions. 

They’ve also got a pistol-packing Dick Cheney on an fiery march to take over Hell (acquired via Haliburton?).  Play Cheney’s Descent flash game over at Comedy Central’s site. 

And, of course, the South Park crew weighed in on the election.  The amazing part was that they did it the very next day, though.  Check out their 5-day animation marathon to broadcast their Ocean’s 11-style take on this year’s election.

And don’t forget the 3-part series over on Atom featuring an extremely revealing face-to-face interview with President Bush!

Source: Getty Images