Dr. Conrad Murray Charged with Killing Michael Jackson

by dsussman   February 08, 2010 at 5:10PM  |  Views: 0

Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s doctor at the time of his death, has been formally charged with involuntary manslaughter.
Dr. Murray was arraigned today in Los Angeles on involuntary manslaughter charges while Michael Jackson fans and the media gathered around the court building for the physician's arrival. Murray pled not guilty to the charges in court today and the medical board filed a motion to have Murray's medical license revoked.

According to prosecutors, Murray "unlawfully and without malice" killed Jackson "without due caution and circumspection." Bail was been set at $75,000 and Murray also had to surrender his passport. Murray is a free man for the time being, but he does face a four-year prison term.

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Source: GABRIEL BOUYS/Getty Images