Live Blog: The Ultimate Finale Main Event

December 5, 2009

The baddest backyard live blog on the planet is about the graduate from internet sensation to official UFC sickness as we get ready to breakdown Kimbo Slice’s UFC debut, Jon Jones’ matchup with Matt Hamill and Roy Nelson’s six-figure battle with Brendan Schaub to see who will become the next Ultimate Fighter.  Caution: Spoilers are included but all the action hits airwaves at 9pm ET/PT. 

We’re starting off with the match between Marcus Jones and Matt Mitrione. Not sure if there’s any bad blood left over from Marcus’ freak out in the last episode but either way Jones is going to come in here looking to rip off someone’s head. Mitrione needs to stay away from the Frankenstein hands of Marcus and keep this on the feet. One punch from the hard-hitting Mitrione will end Marcus’ hopes of glory but if this goes to mat Mitrione could be in serious trouble.

Round 1:

These two dudes are Enormous. Marcus immediately goes for the takedown and gets it. He’s in side control. Matt pulls guard. He gets back to his feet. Marcus throws bombs but doesn’t land anything. Matt locks up a clinch, Marcus goes to his knees and Matt sends a knee that was questionable but the referee said nothing and Marcus seems to be OK. Marcus grabs Mitrion, completely manhandles him and pulls his head into a guillotine. I don’t think Marcus has anything but neither man is moving. Matt pulls his head out and gets free. He’s already breathing heavily. Marcus gets another takedown but gets back up quickly. Marcus lands a few but Matt answers solidly and seems to have Marcus stunned. Instead of attacking, Matt does nothing and allows Marcus to shoot in for a takedown. The bell rings and Matt may have just missed his best opportunity to win this fight.

Round 2:

Marcus charges and lands a right, Matt counters, catchin him clean and the big man topples. Matt jumos on him to deliver the finishing blows and the referee steps in to call the fight.

Frankie Edgar vs Matt Veach

Round 1:

Frankie eats a left hook. Matt shoots in for a single leg and Frankie defends. Matt sticks with it and gets Frankie above his head, runs him to the center of the Octagon and slams him hard. Frankie tries to get up, nearly gives up his back and gets slammed back down. He’s still fighting to get back up and Frankie hits a switch but lets Veach get to his feet. Frankie is bleeding a little from his nose. Frankie keeps looking for the body and his corner is yelling out combos but Frankie is having trouble putting together a complete combo.

Round 2:

Veach comes out swinging in the second stanza and Frankie is game, but Veach gives up on that pretty quickly and looks for another takedown. Frankie breaks free. He lands a right. He steps right into another one and Edgar pops him, his eyes roll back and he goes down but he’s still awake. Frankie jumps on the dazed Veach and continues to lay down punishment but Veach is holding on. Edgar gets the mount, Veeach gives up his back and Edgar sinks in a rear naked choke that ends the fight.

It looks like they’re going to slip in a fight from the undercard but in twenty minutes it’s tiiiiiiiiime for Kimbo Slice to make his UFC debut against the explosive Houston Alexander.

Wow, I just got an email from my friend in New York. Apparently, Hulk Hogan just announced on the televised braodcast that he’s going to put on live iMPACT Monday night, January 4th! I’m trying to get more details and see about getting the clip up on Stand by for updates.  

Here we go. Houston is making his way to the Octagon. We’re going to find out right now if Kimbo has the chops to make it.

The crowd is fired up. I’m fired up. I can hear people behind me making bets on how many seconds this fight is going to last.

Kimbo Slice vs. Houston Alexander

Round 1:

They’re feeling each other out, neither man seems too eager to engage right now. The crowd is really letting them hear they’re disapproval. So far this is the exact opposite of what everyonr expected. Kimbo is beginning to stalk and looks like he might bet getting ready to strike. Houston sends a ha;d-assed leg kick. Kimbo returns an equally half-assed right hand. Houston locks up a clinch but lands no knees. Kimbo breaks out and opens up a bit. Another short exchange; nothing big landing. Side note: Kimbo’s Hulk Hogan hair cut looks really weird when he’s not wearing anything on his head.

Round 2:

Houston lands a leg kick and Kimbo looks to return with a right hand but Houston avoids it. Houston locks up a clinch and Kimbo gets takedown. He gets the full mount but Houston is back up. Kimbo nods his head; he’s ready. He tags Houston and has him dazed but Houston recovers. Kimbo has him down on the mat again and he’s back to mount. Houston gives up his back and is practically begging for Kimbo to lock in a choke but I don’t think he knows what to do. Holy S*** he slips in a rear naked choke. It’s sloppy though and Houston gets out. Houston gets up. As the bell rings, Kimbo tries to bearhug throw Houston but lands on his own head. The two exchange words on the mat and Kimbo might be dazed.

Round 3:

Here we go. They’re opening up now. Houston’s nose is bleeding and they’re looking to finish this fight. The action slows again. They’re just looking at each other now. Kimbo lands a combo. Alexander lands a bomb, Kimbo goes down, looked out of it but the referee isn’t doing anything, neither is Houston. Finally Houston jumps on him, buth e’s back to his knees and he gets a takedown. Damn, Kimbo has a triangle choke, but he’s on the wrong side of Houston’s body and cant crank it. The ref stands them up. This is a crazy fight. They look tired. They seem content to let the clock run out and leave this up to the judges. It will be close. Houston sends Kimbo staggering back just as the final seconds tick away.

A unanimous decision comes back for the winner Kimbo Slice. He is exhausted. I can’t even understand what he’s saying. Something about American Top Team. I guess he’s crediting those “submission attempts” to his time at ATT.

Jon Jones and Matt Hamill are up next. Jones looks to be the favorite in this bout but it’s tough to ever count Hamill out. He has so much heart and a serious talent set to back it up. Jones is stalking his way around the Octagon right now, waiting for his opponent to enter; he’s a pretty imposing guy.

Jon Jones vs Matt Hamill

Round 1:

Jones sends off a front kicks that reaches up to Matt’s head, but doesn’t connect. Matt throws a glancing left hook. Jones tries for a spinning back kick, but it doesn’t work. Jones defends a takedown attempt. A Spinning elbow lands on Hamill’s temple. Jones sweeps Hamill’s legs right from under him and sends him slamming to the mat. Jones is in mount and is relentlessly firing elbows. Hamill is protecting nicely and not many blows are getting through but he needs to move or he’s in danger of losing right now. more shots are starting to get through now. Hamill is in trouble and the referee stops the action, but he didn’t call it. He’s signaling now for an illegal elbow to the head. He tends to Hamill and waves him off. This fight is over and it looks like it’s going to be ruled a no-contest. Hamill is cut up pretty badly but he’s on his feet. This is disappointing. 

Bruce Buffer is back with the decision and it’s ruled a disqualification for Jones, due to intentional elbows. Hamill lets us know that his should has been dislocated and he does not sound good. Jones walks over to the press table and says, “This hurts.” He tells Joe Rogan that he still has a good life and he’s grateful.

The UFC press department just handed out a release. Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz are going to coach the next season of The Ultimate Fighter, premiering in the Spring of 2010!

Roy Nelson is walking out to I’m Fat, Weird Al’s remix of Michael Jackson’s classic. We get it, you’re fat. Can we move on?

Roy Nelson vs Brendan Schaub

Round 1:

Schaub comes out firing and he’s got Roy on the run. Nelson was not expecting this from Schaub at all – no one was. Roy is in trouble but he’s able to clinch up and get a takedown. Schaub gets back up and continues to tee-off on Nelson. Nelson Lands a right that slows Schaub a bit. Roy lands another one but Schaub continues to attack. Roy lands a monster right and drops Schaub. He’s out cold but Roy lands one more before the referee can get between them. Roy jumps on the fence and starts rubbing his belly… again. Fat as he may be, he is the newest Ultimate Fighter! 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned to Spike TV for a special sneak peek of MANswers and 100 Ways to Die, immediately following the live broadcast of the Finale.