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The Top 10 Worst Types of Fanboys

by Reverend_Danger   February 26, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 23,008

Fanboys – people that are fanatical about a particular type of technology – should be loaded into a special space ship that flies directly from Earth to the burning, white-hot center of the Sun. Do these people even stop to think that the companies they so blindly defend could really care less? How can someone have blind devotion to a circuit board and transistors? Fanatacism isn’t always a negative thing, but guess what? Right now, in this list, it’s a really *&%ing horrible thing. Source: Peter Griffith/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

By Reverend Danger

The following article does not represent the opinions of Spike TV or its affiliates.

10. Fangirl


Source: Chris Stein/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Fangirl is at 10 because they are rare, those that exist are not nearly as annoying as their male counterparts, and their main obsession is to dress up like sexy versions of whatever they’re obsessed with. Nothing wrong with that. The only reason they made the list at all is because they're constantly trying to prove that they know as much or are as good as the guys. It can be annoying, but every male nerd spends half his life looking for one to love. 

Forum Battle Cry: I hate fanboys!

9. Comic Book Fanboy

These kids have come out of the woodwork since, in the last decade or so, every comic book ever is getting a movie.  I bet you can’t count on your adamantium claws the number of times you’ve heard, “Oh, I read that book for at least 10 years before the movie ever came out,” followed by some snide remark about the original artwork or plotline being butchered.

Form Battle Cry: Worst ____ Ever.

8. Star Wars Fanboy


Source: Emmanual Duand/AFP/Getty Images

The Star Wars Fanboy never got over the series as a whole, and never got over their childhood, either.  Even when the first three chapters were sloughed into theaters like placenta, they defended them as pushing the bounds of cinema and the Star Wars universe. Only a true fanatic can dress like a soldier from a universe that never existed--in his '40s. At least cosplayers are young and allowed to be stupid.

Forum Battle Cry: Rdddrdrdrddrrddrd (in the style of Chewbacca)


The Xbox fanboy, or Xbot, is mired in denial. He refuses to admit that the Red Ring of Death exists, and he conveniently reminds everyone that the Nintendo Wii--the console that's kicking his console's butt--isn't technically a competitor because it's a toy. He takes the good with the bad, though. Just kicking Sony's butt is consolation enough after taking it up the tailpipe with the first Xbox.

Forum Battle Cry: At least I don’t have a mortgage on my console. 

6. Nintendrone


The Nintendrone is blindly faithful to the cartoony fun of all things from the Mushroom Kingdom. The sad irony is that these folks have spent the last decade furiously defending Nintendo as it failed time and again, and now that Nintendo is back on top, the video game giant has basically abandoned them. Years ago the Nintendo fanboy would have topped this list, but they've been gorging on humble pie so long that the taste of success isn't all that sweet.

Forum Battle Cry: My Mii looks like me!