Monster Blog: I Want Answers

by gdesanctis   September 30, 2009 at 9:10PM  |  Views: 63

Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing great. I’m coming to you this week from Germany for the TNA iMPACT tour of Germany, Switzerland, and Ireland. Wow it’s been awesome thus far. 

There is a lot of history here and it’s been really awesome and interesting seeing a lot of landmarks in Germany.  The fans are fantastic and unbelievable! They are so loud and voracious. It’s hard to hear myself think out in the ring...and it’s not because I’m hearing voices! It’s because of how crazy these fans are for TNA Wrestling.  I have enjoyed not only the sites but the fine German spirits as well. German Vitson beer is my absolute favorite beer ever.  It’s very unlike American beer in that it’s much creamier due to its being made with more of a wheat base. Wow it’s delicious.  Thus far the trip has been a huge success. We are half way done with the tour tonight as I write this. We are in the city of Dortmund, Germany.  I’m going to try and learn some German before I leave. It’s so difficult to learn.  I wanna try and impress Lauren with it when I get back to the states.
As all of you know by now, Mick Foley did the unthinkable and violently turned on me last week on iMPACT.  I sustained over 22 stitches to my head and eye. It was a brutal and violent act by a man that I idolized for years. From the time I began in this business in 1994, Mick was always one of the good guys to me. He was someone I truly respected and wanted to be like.  He was the one who motivated and inspired a lot of what Abyss is and what Abyss has done. I lost all that respect for Mick last Thursday.  Mick's violent beating of me was uncalled for and over the line.  It was confusing and infuriating because it came out of nowhere and it came with a force like which I have never felt.  Mick, you did some pretty pointed and violent things to me.  I want answers. I deserve answers. Mick, this Thursday on iMPACT I will be showing up looking for answers....and I am going to get them...FROM YOU. That’s right Mick, you owe me an explanation for what you did. You will give me one this Thursday.
On a more somber note, I want to send my condolences to the family and friends of our dear friend and colleague Mike from Atlas Security.  Mike passed away this week.  As part of the Atlas Security staff Mike did an excellent job providing security and a safe feeling for everyone in TNA.  As a person, Mike was one of the nicest and most endearing people I’ve ever met. He truly cared about each and every one of us in TNA.  May God bless you, Mike and your family during this time.
Wow, Bound for Glory is just around the corner. We are all excited about this monumental event as TNA ventures to the west coast for the first time on pay per view.  It’s going to be an awesome event and I am looking forward to all of you watching as TNA showcases our brand of wrestling to the world in our biggest pay per view event of the year, Bound for Glory.  I can hardly wait.
Well everyone I’ve got to go. I am having the doctor here in Germany take my stitches out today.  I can’t wait to get them out.  I also can’t wait to confront Mick this Thursday. Wish me luck! I’ll talk to you all next week. Bye, bye. 


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