Pete Sampras Learns Valuable Lesson about Public Storage Security

December 9, 2010

After retiring from the athletic world in 2003, 64-time tennis champion Pete Sampras trusted a West Los Angeles public storage facility to stow every single trophy he earned over his illustrious career. Shockingly, it ended up being a poor decision.

According to the Associated Press, “thieves took most of the hardware from his tour title wins, Davis Cups, an Olympic ring, and six trophies for finishing world No. 1 in the year-end rankings from 1993 to 1998.”

Fortunately his winning smile and “Least Improved Dresser” award from the 1998 Toronto Open were untouched.

It’s unclear why the second best (and least interesting) tennis player of all time couldn’t find a spare room in his mansion to store the trophies.

Perhaps he was secretly looking for an excuse to come out of retirement and win another 14 majors? Maybe he wanted to score an endorsement with U-Haul and thought trusting a storage facility with his irreplaceable possessions was an excellent way to start the relationship?

Either way, Mr. Sampras now finds himself a little lighter in the engraved plaque department and in desperate need of a sit-down conversation with the crack security staff of his shady, unnamed storage facility.

Photo: Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images