James Cameron Talks About Everything

February 18, 2010

In a recent interview with MTV, director James Cameron talked extensively about damn near everything. He gave his thoughts on the studios pushing 3D on so many movies, on the Avatar sequel, and what the Avatar novel is going to be about. Rarely has he broached so many topics in one sitting: the man is certainly becoming more candid over time.

Amongst other things, Cameron talked about where he hopes the Spider-Man movies will go, his chances of winning another Oscar or two, and what the future of the Terminator franchise is looking like.

However, despite all the interesting stuff he has to say about both his and other filmmaker's movies, it's one of his off-handed comments about other projects that strikes me as being the most unusual. He talks about "non-theatrical" projects, and then goes on to refer to them as "space stuff and ocean stuff." Space stuff and ocean stuff? We can only assume he's talking about another series of documentaries. Right?

Whatever he's talking about, he's clearly got a plan for the next few years, and part of that plan involves Avatar 2. About the sequel he says, "Everyone is highly motivated to do Avatar 2." Well, that's probably the understatement of the year.

Check out all nine of these interview segments, and enjoy.

Photo: GABRIEL BOUYS/Getty Images