Our Five Favorite Moments From The Super Bowl

February 4, 2013

Last night's Super Bowl delivered the highest ratings ever, and earned it with a healthy amount of wackiness, chicanery, and missteps. Here are our five favorite moments from last night's Big Game.


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The melodramatics of Ray Lewis can be a bit much for us to take, so it was refreshing to see an honest and intriguing celebration moment: cornerback Chykie Brown laying down on the field and making a snow angel with all the confetti that fell from the roof of the Superdome. What more is there to say? The man made a Confetti Angel.


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Look, we'll give it up to Queen B: that was one Hell of a halftime show. But our favorite moment came when the long-rumored appearance of former Destiny's Child members Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland made actually happened with them shooting out from the bottom of the stage and striking a fierce pose in an homage to Michael Jackson's epic entrance during the halftime show at Super Bowl XXVII.


How about that ad about farmers? It was genuinely touching without being pandering. Most of that is owed to the voiceover, which was an old monologue delivered by broadcasting great Paul Harvey (who passed away in 2009), but the ad still came across as earnest. Well, until the very end, when someone in a suit that probably doesn't fit them properly insisted on the tagline "for the farmer in all of us." Even though the point was that farmers are exceptional, not that everybody is a farmer. I mean geez, guys, c'mon.



As soon as the game ended, CBS had its cameras and mics littered throughout the chaos of the Ravens' post-game celebration. Unfortunately, a mini controversy erupted when offensive lineman Marshal Yanda was caught saying "holy s***, huh?" To which Flacco replied "f***ing awesome!"

In a perfect world kids won't hear football players swearing, but in that perfect world you also wouldn't put a live mic near amped up professional athletes who just reached the pinnacle of their sport and are apt to forget they might be on camera. We say either accept that they may curse or, better yet, maybe don't have a live mic on them at all times. Besides, Yanda and Flacco only said what we were saying to our friends/significant others after Kelly Rowland exploded onto the stage during halftime. Right?


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The power outage that occurred two minutes into the second half was probably the most talked-about aspect of the game (right behind the halftime show). What really made the power outage surreal, though, wasn't the fact that it happened or seeing confused and befuddled players alternately stretching on the field and twiddling their thumbs on the bench. Rather, it was seeing CBS's broadcast team having to figure out how to stall for time and covering the power outage as if it were an actual news event, continually reminding us that the cause of the outage remained a mystery. Maybe we should have called Scooby and the gang?

Honorable Mention: "HEY MAN, I LOVE Y---" "YEAH WHATEVER BRO"

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After the game, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was interviewed on the air by broadcaster Jim Nantz. One of the talking points of the game was that it was literally pitting brother against brother, as the 49ers head coach just happened to be John's brother Jim Harbaugh. The exchange went a little something like:

Jim Nantz: "What did you say to your brother?"

John Harbaugh: "I told him I loved him."

Jim Nantz: "What did he say?"

John Harbaugh: "…congratulations."

Sounds about right.


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Oh, and the game of course and all the nail-biting drama that came with that early twenty point deficit that the 49ers almost overcame and it coming down to the wire and blah blah. That stuff was good, too.

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