Mel Gibson Disappoints Many: No Lethal Weapon 5

March 11, 2009

A lot of Lethal Weapon fans out there will be saddened to find out that Mel Gibson is vetoing any possibility of a Lethal Weapon 5. He's not down for numero cinco, and that's pretty much that. Why won't the star saddle up for another cash cow?

Maybe the Lethal Weapon franchise will get thrown into the reboot orgy that's taken over Hollywood, but short of that happening, it's not looking like Martin Riggs is going to be on the silver screen again any time soon.

Screenrant gives us the low down:

Franchise creator Shane Black had written a script for a fifth film and producer Joel Silver had the writer in the frame to direct, but Mel Gibson’s loyalties lay with original director (and mentor) Richard Donner who was sidelined from the project due to a very public falling out with Silver.

Also, more bad news, for those who hadn't already heard: Mel ain't down for another Mad Max, either. At least he has the good sense to avoid the trend of repurposing classics from the '80s that are saturating the market. It'd be nice if this respect for the great films of yore would spread to the rest of the industry.

A moviegoer can dream.

Source: Jordan Strauss/Getty Images