Zach Galifianakis Will Make it a Funny Story

September 16, 2009

Actor Zach Galifianakis, the man with the baby in The Hangover, is going to star in the writer/director team Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden's new movie It's a Funny Story. He's going to play an inmate in a mental institution but, believe it or not, his role isn't going to be strictly comedic. Does Galifianakis have the acting chops to do drama?

The Hollywood Reporter gives us some of the details:

The pic, based on Ned Vizzini's young-adult novel, tells of a teenage boy who, after a bout of depression, is sent to a mental institution, where he ends up in the adult ward and meets a number of offbeat adults as well as a quirky teenage girl. Galifianakis would play one of the main adult roles, while Roberts would star as the teenage love interest.

I suppose it's possible Galifianakis could wind up playing a doctor or a nurse, but, quite frankly, there's very little possibility of that.

It will be exciting to see where his career goes after The Hangover and whether or not he will play any roles that go beyond his standard comedic characters (the immature man-child who is usually grumpy, inappropriate, or both). He's already wrapped another feature called Due Date, a comedic road trip movie he made for Warner Bros, and he's going to begin filming The Hangover 2 next year for the same studio.

Those who are familiar with his hilarious stand-up material have wanted Galifianakis to go mainstream for a long time. But will his brand of comedy translate to the big screen?

So far the answer is: Signs Point to Yes.

Source: Todd Williamson/Getty Images