A Netbook With an Optical Drive!?!?

January 27, 2009

Netbooks seem too good to be true.  They’re cheap, they’re super light, they’re energy-sipping, and they’re generally adorable.  The only chink in the armor – the only reason to hate on them – is that they have never been able to fit an optical drive in them (dramatic pause) until now!

Some Japanese computer firm that I’ve never heard of called Mouse Computer (ironic name for a laptop manufacturer, no?) has released the S101 which has basically the same guts as every other netbook plus a DVD burner.  It retails for $729 and also melts my brain.

I always thought it was a pipe dream.  The most ingenious inclusion of an optical design I’d ever seen up until this point was in the Panasonic Toughbook series.  The W8 has this wacky little flip-up optical drive in the front.  It’s cool, but weighing in at 3.0 pounds – it’s no netbook. 

Netbooks have been all the rage recently; in fact, they were the top-selling technology item of 2008.  I had the pleasure of carrying around the Acer Aspire One in Japan for a week and a half, and I can tell you these little buggers are as handy as they come, except for not having an optical drive.  That part effing blows. It's nice to live in 2009, though, where technology makes miracles (and my brain melt).  

Image Source: Mouse Computer