Mantenna - Thursday, September 23

September 23, 2010

Ashley Greene is spotted in a sex shop, a crazy Madonna fan gets arrested outside her home, and the NBA has a stern warning for Gilbert Arenas...the Mantenna is not a crook!

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Ashley Greene Spotted in Sex Shop

Twilight hottie Ashley Greene has been spotted shopping at the famed Hollywood adult store Coco De Mer. The sexy 23-year-old reportedly had her eye on some naughty lingerie. According to one eyewitness, Ashley “also peeked at the Kama Sutra books – including the Mammoth Book of Karma Sutra and the C**t Colouring Book. She also made sure to see everything in the store, including the vibrators.” Ashley left the store without making a purchase, but an employee said “she’ll be back.” Could this be the reason her beau Joe Jonas is no longer wearing his purity ring? [Hollywood Life]

Lindsay Lohan Fears Jail

Lindsay Lohan is preparing to show up to court tomorrow after failing a drug test and having her probation revoked. The troubled actress is said to be fearful of returning to Lynwood's Century Regional Detention Facility. A source told People magazine, “She's scared she might have to go back to jail. This is a wake-up call for her in a way. In the past, she dismissed everything, never took it seriously, and now she's like 'Oh [expletive], something bad could happen.'” Lohan is expected to be sentenced to 30 days jail, but will likely only serve 5 days factoring in early release for good behavior and jail overcrowding. This would be Lohan’s third stay at the all-women’s facility. [People]

Crazy Madonna Fan Arrested Outside Her Home

Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

It’s being reported that a retired firefighter from NYC was recently arrested for being a little too obsessed with Madonna. Police say that Robert Linhart was taken into custody on Tuesday after spray painting messages to the material girl and asking to meet her. Police apparently found a 7 1/2-inch ice pick on Linhart after arresting him. Robert Linhart was charged with graffiti, criminal possession of an ice pick, and resisting arrest outside Madonna’s building near Central Park. Mr. Linhart was arraigned yesterday in Manhattan Criminal Court and a judge set his bail at $20,000. This guy must really have a thing for female pop stars that look like old homeless dudes. [Metro]

NBA Doesn't Want Gilbert Arenas to Start Bragging About his Guns Again

NBA Commissioner David Stern told year-long suspendee Gilbert Arenas that it would be in his best interest to not discuss the gun incident in 2009 which prematurely ended his season. According to The Washington Post "It's time to move on, rather than obsess about the past," Stern said in a telephone interview on Wednesday. "It's just that it's been discussed, and discussed, and discussed. It's been written about, and written about, and written about on each occasion - his release, his sentencing, my ruling or what have you - and at some point, it's time to move on. I think he's entitled to do that." Entitled, forced into… kind of just semantics at this point in the NBA. [Washington Post]

Cleveland's Spite Continues, Helps Homeless People

In case you don't remember, Cleveland hates LeBron James. So much so, that they're giving all of their old jerseys to homeless people in Miami. "Donate your stuff to The Wino and Gold LeBron Jersey Drive and we'll personally make sure your formerly cherished items are given directly to a person of need in Miami," The Maimi New Times claims. That way you can express your over-extended hatred, help a good cause, and be involved with a charity holding an event with the phrase "Wino and Gold" in the title. [Clevescene]


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