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The Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies at Comic-Con

by nathanbloch   July 16, 2009 at 10:11PM  |  Views: 186

There’s a lot to look forward to at this year’s Comic-Con, but there are a few things in particular to keep an eye out for. It’s easy to get caught up in the explosion of movies, comics, and special appearances at the conference, so here’s a guide to the 10 most anticipated movies to keep an eye on.

Source: Paramount Pictures

10. Toy Story 3

Pixar is rolling out the long-awaited part three of its hit franchise. Hopefully we’ll get to see some footage from the film and hear what the filmmakers have to say about the sequel – perhaps even some interviews with the voice talent? One way or another there are more fans than not of Toy Story 1 and 2, so it’s exciting to see that part three will be making an appearance at this year’s Comic-Con. Disney will also be showing off its 3-D capabilities with Tim Burton’s new Alice In Wonderland, and their animated films Prep & Landing and Ponyo.

9. Thirst

Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook, the director who brought us Oldboy (the original, not the remake that might happen with Will Smith…gag), will show some clips from his anticipated new feature Thirst. A self-described “vampire melodrama”, this could be the next great vampire movie – the next great R-rated vampire movie, that is. Fans of Twilight need not wait in line for this one, because there’s going to be some seriously grisly stuff in Thirst. The movie just won the Jury Prize at this year’s Cannes International Film Festival. A must-see for anyone who’s into the vampire/awesome movies genres.

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If you grew up with the Turtles in the ‘80s and ‘90s then you’ll want to make this panel, particularly considering the live-action remake that’s now in the works. This panel will cover the Ninja Turtles from past to present, covering a 25-year span. Plus: Kevin Eastman, one of the co-creators of the Turtles, is going to be there in the flesh. Good stuff.

7. Where the Wild Things Are

Spike Jonze’s adaptation of the classic children’s book by Maurice Sendak is looking like it’s going to make a pretty awesome movie. It’s going to be covered during a Warner Bros. panel that will include other cool movies: the new A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Box, and others. If the trailer is any indication, this could be Jonze’s next big thing.

6. Sherlock Holmes

Guy Ritchie’s new Sherlock Holmes is in the same Warner Bros. panel as Where the Wild Things Are, and Robert Downey, Jr. is going to be there himself. Don’t miss an opportunity to see what the new Holmes movie has cooked up. The detective/action genre seems to be one that’s been single-handedly created by Ritchie.