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Lindsay Lohan Under Investigation for Theft

by girls   June 15, 2009 at 8:30PM  |  Views: 123

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly under investigation by British police over the theft of jewelry from a London photo shoot.

Lindsay Lohan may be famously cash strapped, but is she resorting to petty theft to pay the bills? Maybe. The starlet is in hot water over missing jewelry from an Elle magazine photo shoot she recently did in London.

Lohan was allegedly "taken back" by the jewellery as a source states that "She kept going on about the jewels asking if she could have them. We all thought she was joking!" The police have been called and are likely to the question the 22-year-old actress. The jewelry is said to be worth approximately $50,000.

This is not the first time LiLo’s sticky fingers have been at work. According to the New York Post, Louis Vuitton refuses to work with her anymore after she walked off with numerous items of expensive clothing.

Lindsay Lohan or her representatives have yet to comment on the reported theft.

Source: Getty Images


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