Silva vs. Cote Recap!

October 26, 2008

Cote opens the action with an inside leg kick. Silva is active but patient as he feels out Cote and sizes up the challenger. He tries a little razzle dazzle, trying to confuse Cote. Silva grabs the neck of Cote for the Thai clinch but Cote escapes. Silva seems to be playing with Cote, who is desperately trying to figure out a way inside. Silva finally lets his hands go for a few shots and does some easy damage with a flying knee. Cote survives and Silva responds by dropping his arms and hopping around the cage, almost taunting Cote.

Round 2:

Cote has already surprised millions by making it out of the first round. Silva seems to have figured out his game plan and lets some punches fly, but Cote does a nice job of avoiding damage and clinches up with the Champ. They break apart and trade. Silva takes Cote to the ground, but Cote holds guard. Silva can't do much and Cote lands a few nice elbows from the bottom. Silva lets him up, but he doesn't want to stand. The two look at each other and Silva extends his hand to help Cote up. Eventually it goes back to the feet. Silva goes back to the Razzle dazzle, trying to bate Cote into a mistake, but he doesn't bite. Cote catches a kick and almost takes Silva to the mat, but Silva recovers. Cote again grabs the leg of the Brazilain, but can't finish. Cote eats a few of Silva's signature knees from the clinch. Cote becomes the first man to make it to the third round with Silva in the Octagon.

Round 3:

After some brief exchanges, Cote steps awkwardly on his right leg and falls to the canvas. The replay reveals his knee popping out of place and Herb Dean calls the fight. In the post-fight with Joe Rogan, Silva is obviously disappointed and promises to be back for another fight with Cote.

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