The World's First Hip-Hop Burger Joint

February 24, 2009

Run-DMC legend Darryl McDaniels has opened a new eatery in New York called Hollis Famous Burgers that serves up some dope grub and doubles as a hip-hop/rap museum. Fresh!

Source: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

For the price of a $1 Hollis Famous Burgers offers mini-burgers and a complimentary viewing of the Hollis Hip Hop Museum.

From New York Times:

There are more than 100 items on the walls testifying to the neighborhood as a fertile ground for hip-hop artists. Along with a helping of chicken wings, washed down with a cup of “Hollis Famous” lemonade, customers can examine the hit CDs of local rap legends, like Ja Rule, LL Cool J, and Irv Gotti, the founder of Murder Inc., the hip-hop record company that launched several careers.

“Hollis is our Motown, our Nashville, our Beale Street,” said Orville Hall, 42, the owner of the restaurant, and a childhood friend of the members of Run-DMC, which happens to be the best-represented rap group in the burger joint — rather, museum.

At the grand opening on Thursday afternoon, Mr. Hall explained that there was something about Hollis “back in the day” that seemed to nurture hip-hop artists. There was a keen desire for live D.J.’s and M.C.’s at local parties.