Deadliest Warrior: Comanche vs Apache

August 12, 2010

Short Range: Tomahawk VS War Hawk: Tomahawk due to its use for long range and close range combat

 Mid Range:  Apache Knife VS War Lance: War Lance due to its longer reach, use on mounted horseback and a higher chance of lethality due to its accuracy.

Long Range:  Comanche Bow and Arrow VS Apache Bow and Arrow:  Comanche Bow and Arrow due it ability to use in mounted horseback.

Special weapons: War Club VS Scalping knife: War Club due to its powerful strikes and higher chance of lethality.


The Battle:

  The Comanche is sitting on a rock sharping his scalping knife, while his War Lance is embedded in the ground. The bow and arrows on the other hand are close to him near a sharpened rock. The Apache is sneaking around the Comanche by preparing his bow and arrow and killing his Rival Comanche right away. The Comanche on the other hand noticed something in the bushes, he sheaths his knife and went straight to the bushes and picked up his War Lance in the process. The Apache saw the Comanche approaching the bushes, and fires his first arrow. The arrow just grazed on the Comanche’s shoulder causing a small wound. The Comanche retreats to his horse and picks up his bow and Arrow in the process. The Apache loads his bow and shoots the arrow again, but this time he misses the Comanche warrior. The Comanche gets on his horse and uses the War lance against his foe. The Comanche was able to hit the apache in the side with the War Lance which knocks the Apache to the floor. The blow was not fatal and The Apache got up and chase the Comanche. The Comanche manuvers fast with the horse and was able to fire his bow and arrow to the Apache. The arrow misses the Apache, which gives him time to load his own bow and arrow.

The Comanche sets his horse on an area and hides behind it and waits for the Apache to arrive. The Apache was able to catch up to the horse and saw it without its rider. The Comanche was able to lift himself up the horse and fire his Bow and arrow, hitting the Apache in the guts which sends him to the floor. The Comanche retreats again, while the Apache struggles to pull out the arrow that is embedded in his stomach. He was successful at pulling it out but, he is injured badly in the process of the wound. The Apache then retrieves his bow and arrow and chases the Comanche once again. The Apache sees the Horse empty again but this time he is cautious. The Apache fires his bow and arrow and hits the horse killing it in the process. The Apache thinks that the Comanche is crushed beneath the horse but, the Comanche jumps from the bush and tackles the Apache to the floor. The Comanche pulls out the War Lance from the ground while The Apache draw his dual tomahawks. Both warrior Clashes with their unique weapons, the Comanche misses with another thrust with the War Lance. The Apache manages to dodge each swing and thrust and was able to land his Tomahawk on the Comanche’s left cheek which him knocks down for a moment.

The Comanche uses the War Lance like a javelin and threw it on the Apache which misses him completely. The Apache threw one of his Tomahawk and hits the Comanche in his right leg and screaming in pain. The Comanche manages to remove the Tomahawk, while the Apache is running towards him. The Comanche manages to draw his War Hawk and clashes with the Apache once again, only this time the War hawk tore through the shirt of the Apache exposing his arrow wound in the stomach. The Apache manages to swing the Tomahawk but unfortunately hits nothing but the wind in the area. The Comanche manages to disarm one tomahawk from the Apache, but the Apache tackles the Comanche and disarms his War hawk. The Apache stays on top of the Comanche and raises his Tomahawk and drives it straight down. The Comanche manages to Block the attack and kicks the Apache away from him. The Comanche drew his scalping knife while the Apache drew his own knife and both warriors stare at each other seeing who is going to strike first. The Apache then drew his war club and threw it towards the Comanche but he misses in the spot.

Both warriors thrust their knives into each and seemingly they both missed. The Apache moves in for the thrust and got stabbed again in the side by the Comanche.  The Apache retaliates by stabbing the Comanche on the side as well. The Comanche avoid another thrust and thrust his own knife to the Apache’s stomach. The Apache gets into his knees and thrust his own knife into the Comanche’s wounded leg. The Comanche finishes the Job by Stabbing the Apache through the neck which kills him immediately. The Comanche then to proceeds to detach the Apache’s scalp from his head which is successfully done. The Comanche raises the Scalp of his dead rival in the air while yelping.


Tomahawk: 210

Knife: 66

Bow and arrow:  77

War club: 0




War hawk: 211

War Lance: 300

Bow and Arrow:  82

Scalping Knife: 12


This match was a decisive victory for the Comanche but on the other hand the Apache fought hard and well just to win his fight.