Ashley Dupre Finally Cashes in on Sex Scandal

April 13, 2010

The woman at the center of the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal is finally cashing in by posing in her birthday suit for Playboy magazine. Ashley Dupre appears in an eight-page, totally nude pictorial spread and says posing for the iconic magazine is the fulfillment of a dream.

It’s a dream-come-true that came about thanks to her part in a sex scandal that rocked New York state politics. In 2008, Dupre was outed as a high class prostitute that then-Governor Spitzer had paid for sex. The scandal cost Spitzer his job and Dupre her reputation. This is partly the reason she has waited so long to pose for Playboy. She tells Extra, “If I had [posed] right after, I would have been known as Spitzer's girl. Now that I waited, it's now more about me, my story." I’m not sure that’s totally correct, but a girl can wish and pray.

The issue with Dupre on the cover hits newsstands April 16th. She says she enjoyed the experience of posing naked, saying, "I had a lot of fun doing these pictures. You're naked and you're in front of a bunch of guys - good-looking guys, too, manly men." Something tells me this is not the first time she been naked in front of numerous different men. Dupre also candidly discloses the first time she was paid for sex. She recounts, "I was at a club one night, and a rich older guy said to me, 'I'll give you a thousand dollars if you come home with me. I was like, wow, a thousand dollars sounds good. But I was scared."

The sassy 24-year-old has not let the scandal dampen her sex life. She says, "I love sex and I'm very good at it, but I'm saving that. That's for my future boyfriend from now on. And it will be fabulous."

Thatta girl. There's no need to throw in the towel.


Photo: Jerritt Clark/WireImage/Getty Images