Paris Hilton Avoids Jail

September 20, 2010

Paris Hilton has copped a plea to avoid jail. Hit the jump to find out if she really came clean.

The 29-year-old heiress went to a Las Vegas court this morning and admitted she was guilty of possessing cocaine. Hilton was originally charged with a felony drug charge; however this was downgraded to two misdemeanors charges--drug possession and obstructing an officer.

Hilton addressed the court on both charges. For the drug possession charge she said, “Guilty, your honor. I was in possession as well as telling an officer that the bag wasn't my purse.” When asked to state for the record what, exactly she was in possession of, Hilton responded: “Cocaine, your honor.” For the second charge Hilton pleaded, “Guilty, your honor. I said that the purse wasn't mine to the officer, your honor.”

In exchange for her guilty pleas Hilton was sentenced to one year informal probation. This means the heiress must be on her best behavior as any new trouble with the law, excluding minor traffic infringements, will result in her being shipped straight to jail.

Judge Bonaventura reprimanded the celebutante, saying, “Ms. Hilton, you're ordered to stay out of trouble. Any new arrests terminate your criminal probation and you will serve a one year sentence. The purpose of this is to change your conduct. I'm going to warn you, Ms. Hilton. You've now been sentenced to one-year in the Clark County Detention Center. The Clark County Detention Center is not the Waldorf Astoria. Take this seriously, Ms. Hilton.”

Hilton will also have to pay a $2000 fine, attend a substance-abuse program, and clock 200 hours of community service.


Photo: Isaac Brekken/ Getty Images