The Weekly Hump: When Strippers Make the Most Cash

October 13, 2010

Every hump day we’ll bring you a new fornication fact. This week find out why strippers make the most money when they're ovulating.

Unlike other mammals in the animal kingdom human females do not overtly advertise their ovulation. That doesn’t mean men don’t notice. A study conducted by Psychologist Geoffrey Miller of the University of New Mexico found that strippers who are ovulating out-earn their colleagues who are at a different stage in their monthly cycle.

Miller compiled data from strippers who performed some 5,300 lap dances over 296 work shifts (Unfortunately for Miller he did not personally witness any of the dances). He noted the strippers’ earnings, productivity, and menstrual cycles. What he found was that dancers made about $70 an hour during their peak period of fertility, versus about $35 while menstruating and $50 in between. Women on the pill, who don’t typically ovulate, made less than women who were not taking birth control. Miller found that on average female strippers on the pill earned $37 an hour compared to $53 for women off-pill.

The difference in wages is probably due to “changes in body odor, waist-to-hip ratio, and facial features.” Miller says that even though strippers constantly exert their sexuality no matter what part of their cycle they’re in, there may also be subtle shifts in their behavior—“how they talk and move when enticing a customer to buy a dance, and how they perform the dance itself.”

Miller goes on to say that women in the service industry should take use this information to increase their income by “scheduling more shifts for the phase right before ovulation.”

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Photo: i love images/Cultura/Getty Images