Roy Nelson: Fatty in The Finals

December 3, 2009

Last two blogs for the season. I will try not to talk about how Phat I am now, since I made it to the Finale on December 5th live at the Palms. Hopefully I will be able to make weight. On December 5th please make sure you watch for the conclusion of this history-making season.
At the start of the two-hour episode special we have Dana giving us the FN fighter speech and then actually takes Kimbo back to the locker room to ask him if he wants Matt's spot. Kimbo didn't want any part of it because he has a lot more to lose then most of the guys in the house and he doesn't want to disappoint his fans and family and himself. This is understandable if you were not trying to be The Ultimate Fighter. I even said, "If I lose I want to have first dibbs on anyone’s spot if they can't fight." Lucky for me I didn't have to use it.
Let’s get right to the drama for this episode when Marcus went to go beat up Matt for the glove/eye poke that happened in Matt and Scott's fight. Marcus scared me but he wanted to beat Matt up bad. When I realized how serious it was I stepped in and questioned Matt on what he did to piss Marcus off and he swears he did nothing, and I said, "Ya right, what did you do?" He kept on saying he did nothing, and then Mike Wessel cleared the air on what happened with Scott’s eye. Matt was truly upset and told him it was just part of fighting. Scott wasn't mad because he understands the risks. Update: Scott is doing fine and he is ready to kick someone's ass.
Fight time James vs. Matt was the next quarterfinal match. I was the only one willing to step up and help Matt fight James. We had a great plan up until Matt quit. Matt had James hurt so he went for the takedown and got him with that sloppy guillotine choke. Matt was all ready to tap before he had his hand ready.
Second quarterfinal match was Marcus and Darrill, which surprised all of us on how strong Marcus was. Darrill did not stick to the game plan, which was simple do not GRAPPLE and play off your back. He simplly stated, "I can fight off my back."

I replied with, “It’s not jiu jitsu." Marcus dropped some heavy leather on Darrill's face to knock him out.  After the fight Darrill said, "He should have listened."

We just laughed and said, "Well, you are still undefeated in the real world."


The semifinals matches are now announced with me fighting James, and Marcus fighting Brendan. The next episode is about to start with me fighting James, but I have to take a detour and mention how Rampage and his team painted our locker room pink with stuffed animals.
Next we have more of Zak getting picked on by James and Wes. Zak loses it and tries to fight James and then realizes that he is getting choked out by a kickboxer and rethinks his actions then goes back to being that "GUY" that know body likes.
James wanted to just show the world his K-1 kickboxing during our match, which I was open for the challenge. We started to hit go back and forth tic for tac on the punches, but then we hit each other with hooks and I know I got the better of the exchange with him acting as if he wasn't hurt. He tried to throw his right hand but I parried and hit him with my own which put him on Queer Street. Then I took a second to think, “Do I finish a K-1 fighter standing or take him down and finish him with the "BIG BELLY" move?” I chose for the "BIG BELLY" move, and I was surprised to get the TKO.
Next we have Marcus and Brendan's fight which was fast. Marcus got hit and then said, "Come here" like Scorpion from Immortal Combat and just grabbed Brendan and took him down. He went for ground and pound instead of his forte jiu jitsu. Brendan stayed calm and escaped and unleashed his wrath with his right hand same as he did with John. Another knockout for Brendan. I wouldn't expect anything less, since he does come from Greg Jackson's camp and trains with Shane Carwin, Rashad, Keith Jardine, the list goes on and on.
The season is almost over. December 5th is the day of truth. Can a fat guy be The Ultimate Fighter? I can't wait and see. I just want to give all the normal people hope and let them know that dreams can come true. Of course I must quote Don King with, "ONLY IN AMERICA."
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