Lindsay Lohan is Broke and Desperate

March 20, 2009

Times are tough for Lindsay Lohan. The Hollywood starlet is unemployed and desperately seeking work. The 22-year-old is better known for her out of control private life than her onscreen work. She has not appeared in a film since 2007’s I Know Who Killed Me. To pay the bills, a very skinny Lohan is appearing in a woeful commercial for cheap Italian fashion house Fornarina.

According to the commercial’s writer/director, Marco Bragaglia, Lohan appears in the commercial as a modern Alice in Wonderland “who explores three metaphysical settings characterized by fluctuating geometrical shapes with neon colors.” I think it's more like a cheesy, camp, 1980s Olivia Newton-John music video. A mannequin would have given a better performance.

What do you think?


Source: Fornarina