CES 2010: Finally, a Decent Display for PC Gaming Rigs

January 8, 2010

Like many of you out there, we're sick and tired of having to sit less than 10 feet away from our computer monitors when we decide to fire up WoW. Fortunately, Samsung and ATI have stepped up to the plate to address this pressing issue.

Utilizing a combination of six SyncMaster MD230 displays powered by ATI's updated Eyefinity6 video card technology, this monitor display achieves a resolution twelve times higher than 1080p across all the screens.


Of course, all this rezziness comes as a price - just the monitors alone will cost you $3,099. And with a hardcore ATI video card to power them, you're probably looking at around 3,700 bucks. You'll also have to be patient, as the MD230 won't hit store shelves until later this year. But as they say, size matters.

'Course, your girlfriend might have been complaining about a different kind of lackluster display last time you heard that. Zing!


Source: Engadget