December 9, 2010

Beginning assessment: The united states coast guard america's elite (But underestimated by many) coast protectors vs. the SBS great britian's special boat service who is deadliest?

SBS: Sig p226, HKmp5, C8 carbine, FN MINIMI, HKg3, Flashbang,

USCG: Sig p229, Remington 870, M4a1 carbine, FN M240, M14, stun grenade

  sig p226 vs. Sig p229: Obviously at first this seems like it would be a draw. However although both are sig pistols their are some differences the sig p226 holds 1 more shot than the sig p229. However the sig p229 is used by the USCG in .40 S+W. The sig p226 only 9mm rounds. Although the sig p226 is a little more accurate and holds a little more ammo the sig p229 gets the edge for stopping power.

Remington 870 vs. mp5: For close-mid range weapons both sides have two very different weapons. The SBS brings the Heckler+koch mp5 sub machine gun however the the USCG brings in the remington 870 shotgun. The R870 also known as the M870 has a range  of inbetween 70 and 100 meters. However the SBS mp5 has a range of 200 meters. The mp5 has much greater range than R870 however it has one disadvantage. It is a 9mm smg meaning a round from it isn't completely lethal. Argeuably it's fully automatic so you probably won't be only shooting someone once. The remington 870 however is a shotgun meaning it can literally destroy a target. Although the remington 870 is a very good and powerful shotgun the mp5 earns the edge for superior range and rate of fire.

C8 carbine vs. M4a1: At first I believed this would be a draw because both are just carbine variants of the m16. However I was suprised to learn the c8 could only shoot up to 400 meters. The m4a1 can shoot inbetween 500 and 600 meters. The m4a1 gets the edge for range.

M240 vs. Minimi: Just like the pistols their both made by the same company however their are some differences. The M240 can fire up to 1,100 meters on a tripod while the Minimi is limited to 1,000 meters. Although I don't think you'll ever get to a range beyond 1,000 meters. Though the Minimi has a higher rate of fire than the M240. However the m240 fires 7.62 rounds while the Minimi fires 5.56 rounds. The Minimi weighs around 14 pounds while the m240 weighs around 27 pounds. Despite M240's larger caliber the Minimi gets the edge for being ligther and firing faster. Although the m240 is more lethal the Minimi is still lethal enough.

HKg3 vs. M14: Both of these are assault rifles used as snipers. Both used to be standard rifles in the 1960's. Both are similar so it's a draw.

Stun grenade vs. Flashbang: Stun grenades are used to disorient targets who can then be killed. However the Flashbang can actually kill if it is detonated to a target close enough. The noise it makes is so loud that it will make the targets ear drums ring so loudly they will usually lose balance and fall over. Although the stun grenade is vry useful the flashbang gets the edge for more lethality.

Battle: (I know this situation would never happen but just go with it) 5 members of the SBS are riding on a motor boat. They are given orders to storm a  cargo ship and kill some drug traffickers that may be holding hostages. However the USCG unknown to them had already searched the boat and found that the drug dealers had escaped. They were currently searching the boat to see if any dealers were hiding. A coast guard walked out on the deck of the boat and mounted an m240 in the case the dealers returned. The SBS mistaked him  for a drug dealer. They drove up to the side of the boat and climbed up. One of the men stayed behind and drove the motorboat back with a g3 to provide sniper cover. 2 of the SBS members go forward to secure the deck while the other 2 go the lower levels. The SBS raises his silenced mp5 and fires, killing a member of the USCG. USCG: 4 SBS:5

2 SBS members run to the lower levels of the ship. 2 members of the USCG are searching a room when the SBS members run in. One of the USCG members was holding his sig p229 he raised it before the SBS member could shoot him. He fired a single shot and killed one of the first SBS member. However his ally was shot in the chest by the other SBS member wielding a sig. His ally fell injured. The USCG member not injured opened fire and his enemy jumped to side of the door way. The USCG member charged howecer the SBS member threw a flashbang blinding knocking the USCG member off balance. He fell over clutching his ears. The SBS member pulled a Minimi from his back. He fired his Minimi and killed both USCG members. USCG:2 SBS:4

The last 2 members of the coast guard were lurking at the back of the deck. They heard the gunshots from below and proceeded to crouch. They heard foot steps. One pulled an R870 while the other one aimed with his m4a1. Two members of the SBS walked onto the back of the deck. The USCG member wielding a R870 threw a stun grenade. Both of the SBS members were stunned One was hit by a three round burst by the M4a1. The other had his head literally blown of by the R870. USCG:2 SBS:2

The SBS member heard on the lower level heard the noise and ran upstairs. He raised his Minimi and pulled the trigger only to hear a click. He realized his gun was out of ammo. He ran down to the lower levels. One of the USCG ran after him but was hit in the head by the SBS sniper. Hearing the gunshot and unjamming the Minimi the only remaining SBS member on the boat starting to come up. Meanwhile the only remaining USCG member crawled along the side of the Cargo ship using that for cover. He moved towards the previously mounted M240. He reached it intending to use it to take out the sniper. However he turned around and saw the SBS member raising his Minimi. He spun the m240 in a surge of strength from adrenaline before the SBS member could aim and fired only a few shots into the unsuspecting SBS member. SBS=1 USCG=1

The USCG member turned to the side and saw the sniper on the boat take aim. He ducked to the side of the boat. Just then he heard the SBS member's boat driving away. He believed it to the drug trafficker escaping again. In all reality the SBS member was going to get help. The USCG member felt around his back for his m14 he pulled it out and raised it above the wall. He set his m14 to fully auto and burst fired. He hit the steering wheel of the boat the SBS member was on. The SBS member was now stranded. In a moment of insanity the USCG member jumped off the cargoship and began swimming towards the SBS members boat. The SBS member looked up and didn't see the USCG member. Observing the boat was still running he just had no way to control it he tried thinking of a different way to get away. The USCG member climbed on the boat. The SBS member turned and saw the the USCG charging he grabbed the USCG member and threw him to the side however the USCG held on to him and they both fell into the water. The SBS member began to swim away. The USCG member swam after him. The SBS member swam to the back of the boat however the USCG member grabbed him. The USCG member attempted drowning him however the SBS member grabbed the side of the USCG member and threw him into the motor of the boat. The USCG member was cut to pieces. USCG=0 SBS=1

SBS: 525

Sig p226: 57

Mp5: 103

C8: 163

Minimi: 137

G3: 63


USCG: 475

Sig p229: 49

R870: 74

M4a1: 217

m240: 92

M14: 43

Stun: 0

Specifications: I did take training into account and I was using the training for officers for my source of training.

Ending assessment: This was a close battle. Although the Coast guards had superior weapons that almost won it for them with punishing weapons like the m4a1. The SBS had superior training. Although it was very close the training of the SBS won them.