Beep. Beep. Auction Hunters Coming Through

September 16, 2011
As the Auction Hunters so eloquently state in the beginning of this week's episode, 40 million people come to Las Vegas each year looking to hit the jackpot; far too many of them leave empty handed . . . if they're lucky. Ton Jones and Allen Haff have one slight advantage when it comes to hedging their bets and that's because they're the best in their business at what they do. In the cutthroat, high stakes world of auction hunting it's about knowing when to double-down and when to fold'em. Wait. Aren't those two different card games? Nevermind. Let's see how the Auction Hunters did this week.


As the Hunters rolled into their Las Vegas storage auction, Ton immediately scoped out Billy, a rival hunter who will bid on just about anything, Billy's appearance left Ton a bit unsettled, but Allen was able to calm him down. It's important to always keep your head in the game, because one wrong move can cost your thousands of dollars. There were four units up for bid this week. When the door flew up on that first room, the Hunters couldn't help but chuckle. There was nothing in it but an old couch and some office chairs, but there Billy was bidding on it. He took it for a lowly $35, but he still took it. Wonder what else he was going to go after. As the second unit went up for bid, there was Billy again. Allen set his limit at $600 after pricing out the room in his head, but Billy just kept pushing. Allen had to finally let the room go to his competitor. The Hunters were clearly not liking Billy. Luckily for them, he proved to be a non-entity for the last two units and Ton and Allen were able to walk away with more than enough room to dig.


Sold For: $1,250

Aside from some smelly garbage, the first room wasn't working out too well. Even with the potato gun that Ton found, there was nothing of value in the room. That was true until the Hunters found two suitcases filled with M-16 magazines! Talk about a heavy duty discovery. M-16s are illegal in most states, BUT not in Nevada where Las Vegas just so happens to reside. Of course, Ton and Allen would have to stay in state if they were hoping to sell these bad boys. Making their way to a local gun dealer, it was clear that since they had few options to sell them, they'd have to settle somewhere along the way in price. Fortunately, the price they got still proved to be fair market value and for a gun that can shoot up to 750 rounds per minute, getting to shoot it was quite the treat for Allen. Aim, shoot and reload!


Sold For: $9,000

The second room proved to be much more of an adventure for Ton and Allen. As soon as they walked in they gravitated toward a big, weird looking box. It took Allen a minute to realize that he was looking at a photo booth. Mostly a reproduction from the 50s, the photo booth still would be able to net the guys a few grand, but it was important for them to keep on digging because the big find was still yet to be found. As Ton made his way to the back of the unit, there he found a 60 year old bumper car. Distressed from use but still running and accompanied by chrome plating, this bad boy was the real deal. Only question now was, how much was it worth? As they traveled over to their pony-tailed expert, they knew that he was a pushover. He came in low, but quickly raised the price on himself without the Hunters even making a counter offer. They finally clocked him in just below their magic number, but what a magic number it was! Beep, beep. Coming through!

Earlier in the week, we pitted these two dig items against one another on our regular Facebook matchup. This time around things were a bit of a wild card. Instead of a gun, it was the M-16 magazines. Instead of a car, it was the bumper car. So which did our loyal fanbase think was worth more? Actually, it came down as a split decision though the final numbers proved to have these two light years apart. It just goes to show, you never what the right collector will be willing to pay.

It's all about the numbers when you're in Vegas, and this week the numbers were kind to the Auction Hunters. After plunking down a mere $1,150 for this week's units, they managed to sell off all their items for a gargantuan $13,750. You do the math and that means a $12,600 take home for the boys in the truck.

The look on Allen's face when he was driving the bumper car and shot that M-16 said it all. This week was his fantasy camp. Want to check out Allen's stupendous adventure again? Head over to for this week's episode "Sin City Shootout" now available online. Stay tuned to the Auction Hunters Facebook fan page for the latest news and updates. New episodes of Auction Hunters return Tuesday, October 25 at 10/9c.