Top Five I Bet You Will Dares of 2008

December 24, 2008

This year Spike brought you some of the craziest, and often times most disgusting, bets you've ever seen to TV with I Bet You Will. Check out our top five favorite dares after the jump. But only if you have the stomach for it.

5. Lactating Dude

It takes a special breed of man to walk around with fake breasts. What kind of man does it take to do that and have strangers suck on them? Someone like this.[video][/video]

4. Scottish Dish

Haggis. The defining culinary achievement (or mistake) of Scottish culture and the subject of another stomach twisting bet.[video][/video]

3. Best of Chums

Two girls in bikinis wrestle around in a kiddy pool of chum. Now that's a feeding frenzy you can get behind.[video][/video]

2. Censor Box Relay

You just have to give some respect to a man who's willing to let it all hang out in a relay race to be displayed on national TV.[video][/video]

1. Pee Pee Dance

Why number one? The childhood flashbacks that this bet no doubt induces is more than enough to earn it the number one slot. Plus, pee is hilarious.[video][/video]

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