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Extra Point with Bill Bates

by spike.com   June 01, 2009 at 3:31PM  |  Views: 263

It's Game Day on 4th and Long and coach Bill Bates has invited you inside the Cotton Bowl for an exclusive look behind the curtains at this groundbreaking series. Hit the jump for Bates' commentary and preview of tonight's all-new episode.

I am new to the blog scene, but I'm excited for this opportunity and I hope all enjoy what I have to say. Here we go!

A number of people have complimented Coach Avezzano, Michael Irvin, and myself on the development of 4th and Long and we thank you for watching. After the first two episodes, I hope every one can see we are committed to giving the Dallas Cowboys a player who will have a good chance to help the team. As Michael states in the first episode, "This is an NFL football tryout, not a reality show."

We had a short time to gather players for a tryout, but we feel we brought together 12 players who will compete and deliver good football.

Oh, it has to be fun for people to watch on television!

As you will see tonight, we have a drill that many teams have used throughout the years to teach hitting (square up to your opponent, bend you knees, sink your hips, back straight, and head up). Unfortunately, "Bull in the Ring" has been used as a drill to see if a player is "tough enough." So, it has been outlawed in Pop Warner and high school football. We use the drill tonight to see strength, quickness, awareness, and good football technique. This is a drill that separates the men from the boys, as they say, and we intend to find out who amongst the many can stand alone to shine.

Also, we scrimmage tonight. The X's vs. the O's. It's all-out football; a full game, and it's time for these men to show they can apply their newly acquired knowledge on the field. Drills are one thing, but it's game day the Dallas Cowboys have no use for a player who can't perform when someone is keeping score. GO X's!

I had a great time working with these young men. They are to be congratulated on their efforts to keep their dream alive for at least another week, but for one man, the dream will end tonight.

Enjoy and leave comments if you would like! Go Cowboys!

Bill Bates played 15 years for the Dallas Cowboys, he was elected All-Pro Cowboy in 1984. He serves along side Joe Avezzano as coach on 4th and Long.



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