Pressing "A" Three Times on Your Xbox Could Cost You

February 4, 2010

A gamer by the name of Mike found himself a bit confused when he got an email from Microsoft confirming his Xbox Live purchase. It especially seemed odd to Mike because he was at work, while his Xbox was at home.

The email thanked him for his purchase of a year's worth of Xbox Live Gold membership - to the tune of $40. Confused, he assumed that perhaps his wife had gotten him a gift. But when he called home, she had no idea what he was talking about. So what gives?

Turns out his 3-year-old son had approached Momma about playing a game and had inadvertently pressed A three times, which is all it took to make a year-long purchase, since the Xbox software forces users to save their credit card information on the console, unless they actually go to the trouble of calling Microsoft, waiting on hold, and demanding to have it removed.

Which is exactly what Mike did when he contacted support for a refund, which he was awarded. But the strong arm tactics Microsoft employs in trying to get users to upgrade from Silver to Gold accounts is getting kind of ridiculous. I mean c'mon guys, commissioning 3-year-olds to do your dirty work for you? I kid, I kid.

But it does raise an interesting question which has bothered me ever it was discovered - why can't users remove their credit card information directly from the console without contacting Microsoft? It's also interesting that on Silver, non-paid Xbox accounts, the first menu that comes up on the console is to upgrade to a paid account. Actually, it's not as interesting as it is just flat-out shady.

Source: Kotaku