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Make a Sex Tape with Hidden Camera Speakers

by Reverend_Danger   December 18, 2008 at 2:44PM  |  Views: 2,583

So, if you were to film you and your super hot girlfriend slapping skins in 19 different positions – with an intensity and duration that required industrial-grade lubricants – and then not tell her about it but still have a totally amazing sex video?  IF you were to do that, it would be completely illegal and I could never endorse such a thing.

These hidden camera speakers are only $126, though, and some people make a great deal more money than that with sex tapes. I’m just sittin’ here blogging facts. One can buy a set that records full color video, or a black and white version that comes with night vision.  I'm just sayin...  

As a bonus, though, the speakers actually work as speakers and are compatible with any music playing device with an audio output jack.