Captain Kirk is Unstoppable

June 4, 2009

Chris Pine, the first man to be called Captain Kirk since William Shatner, is going to be a part of Tony Scott's new film Unstoppable. Denzel Washington will costar with him, and the two will play a train engineer and conductor, respectively -- at least, this is assumed.

Pine's role hasn't even been officially determined yet. Washington spoke to MTV about this in a recent interview:

I'm going to shoot a movie in the fall called Unstoppable — me and Tony Scott — and Chris Pine's going to do it with us. I hope I'm not speaking out of line. I think they made a deal with him, and I'm supposed to meet him next week.

Turns out Washington hasn't yet seen the new Star Trek, so he doesn't know just how talented his costar is.

Think this is the best post-Star Trek move Pine could've made? Maybe he's making sure he doesn't spend the rest of his life on one space ship or another. He doesn't need Shatner to tell him that typecasting can be a b*tch.

Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images