Homecoming Queen Lends Hand to Football Team in Nonsexual Way

October 7, 2010

Was the most attractive girl in your high school also the football team’s starting kicker? Because on one Ohio varsity gridiron, the best-lookin’ gal in class also kicks extra points.

Jackie Kasburg, a senior at Chippewa High School, didn’t want her school’s football team to embarrass themselves on the same night she was voted Homecoming Queen.

So, she did what every 17-year-old girl who owns her own tiara would do. She suited up for the football squad and became responsible for 10 percent of the team’s scoring offense:

Wearing pink game day cleats, she kicked three extra points during the [team’s]' 55-27 loss to Rittman (Ohio) High in the first game action of her high school career. Then, to top off the night, she was named homecoming queen.

Kasburg claimed “I grew up with football, playing in the backyard with my brothers. I just thought [the team] isn't doing so good and I might as well try out to see if I can help.”

Are you listening, Detroit Lions management? High school homecoming queens?  The NFL Draft isn’t exactly working out, and this could be an excellent “Plan B.”

Photo: Yahoo!