4 Ways To Survive Another Recession

November 1, 2011
WARNING: The following content has a much more solemn tone than previous articles.

After being in the foreclosure business for almost 10 years I can truly say that this business has affected me deeply and more profoundly than I never thought were possible. Every day, as we gain access to these vacant and dangerous homes, we ask ourselves "How do people live like this? What happened that brought the previous owners to this point in their lives?" Although the majority of the homes we buy are vacant, from time to time I hear the stories of what happened during an individual's financial downturn. These stories have caused me to take pause and self-evaluate my own finances as well as encourage others to do the same. These are simple tips that are not comprehensive in nature but I think make good financial sense.

1. Save and Create an Emergency Fund

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Clutter is a fancy work for "crap." They can almost always be used interchangeably and we prefer the later of the two. Crap is anything that doesn't have a designated purpose and location: things like stuffed animals, old mail, discount clothing, and broken electronics. Simplify People! You have 3 simple options pertaining to clutter: trash it, shove it in a closet, or do what most people do, rent a storage unit for $100 per month and store that junk you never use. You know what we like to do: trash it. The overall goal here is to make a space look bigger than it actually is by removing the stuff currently sitting in it. Eliminate the Hoarder in you. Be strong.