Blake Lively Says She's Shy but These Photos Say Otherwise

August 18, 2010

Handcuffed and showing her bra, it’s hard to believe that Blake Lively was ever remotely shy. Find out how she overcame it after the jump.

The incredibly sexy Blake Lively is featured in the September issue of Interview magazine. The Gossip Girl actress is promoting her latest film, the Ben Affleck-directed The Town, and is receiving much buzz over her role as a self-destructive, drug-dealing single mom. Blake has never looked more womanly, sexual, and seductive and the role might just be career defining. In Interview she appears in a five-page pictorial, a sort–of reimagining of her character with bra showing, wearing handcuffs, and waiting in a police interrogation room. With such shots it’s hard to believe this woman was ever remotely shy, but she says she was and if it wasn’t for acting she may well have continued to be shy.

She tells Interview magazine, “I'm actually a very shy person – that's a big secret, so don't tell, but being in [acting] classes pushed me to break out of that a little bit. It's like nature versus nurture: I'm naturally very shy, but I was brought up in a way where I had to get up and get out of that.”

Blake says the trick to be a great actress is faking it...faking confidence, that is. She says, “With acting, I think half of it is just acting confident. We stand on these red carpets and pose in these dresses, but we're all only so confident. It doesn't mean we think we're great looking or anything. It's all a facade."

There’s one thing you can’t fake and that’s sex appeal.


Photo: Interview