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The Only 5 Good Things About Hockey

by Robbie E   October 02, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 7,595

What's up, Bro Man wannabes? It's your number 1 Bro Man Robbie E back with another Bro Man Blog, bro! And this week is the start of hockey... Right, like anybody cares. How do I know? Cause the locker room is full of Canucklehead hamsters like Eric Young and Bobby Roode are constantly talking about the game. Hockey is for dorks!! And here are the only remotely cool things about hockey.

5 - Mighty. Ducks. Bro. - Emilio Estevez is the man. maybe he's not in a whole lot of movies anymore, but he dated models, he was engaged to that total cougar Demi Moore, and he dated Paula Abdul before she went all crazy bananas. Plus his brother is Charlie Sheen, so his whole life has got to look like a hot tub party, bro. And look, yeah, those movies are old as hell, but they still rule. D 1, 2, and 3 bro! Ducks, ducks, ducks! Oh! Quack quack, bro.

4 - Fights - Hockey players are so mad that their job is being a hockey player all the time that they fight. Watching two hamsters go at it is entertaining, bro. Obviously the Bro Mans could beat any hockey team up with our sweet double team moves, bro. 

3 - Happy Gilmore - That guy is a great golfer now but, bro. Everyone knows his craziness originated from the ice. What a shot and arm on that bro. He didn't have to beat up that old hamster from Price is Right though, that was a total hamster move. That's probably why he's not on the PGA now, right?

2 - Wayne Gretzky - He and Jessie were in the car one day trying to think of every hockey player we could, and we're pretty sure Gretsky is the only famous hockey player ever, bro. He's surely the only one I ever heard of, and yeah, being famous is awesome, bro. He's not a Bro Man and on mine and Jessie's level but still famous enough to hang out with hot chicks, bro.

1 - Ice Skating - Chicks love ice skating, so I always take them to melt their hearts and hold hands with them bro! Hold hands bro! Then it's back to the crib, some hot cocoa, maybe put on "The Cutting Edge" and see where the night takes you, bro.

You gotta know about this too, since you're already reading this, bro. "Countdown to Bound For Glory" is gonna be LIVE on Spike on October 20, 7/6c. It's right before the "Bound For Glory" pay per view, bro. And there's gonna be a live tag team gauntlet match. They say the winners are gonna get a shot at the tag champs, but you know that me and Jessie are gonna win.

The gauntlet match? It's just a formality, bro, but we're going up against Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero, Bad Influence, and those braincases Hamstertime Eric Young and Joseph Hamster Esquire.

So don't miss "Countdown to Bound for Glory", and then watch me and Jessie bring home the gold after that, bro.
Until next week... Oh!! This was my Bro Man Blog bro!!! Tag titles are coming our way!! Focused and no more losses!!

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