Illegitimate Children are the NFL's Coolest New Accessory

February 22, 2010

Former boxing champ and current foreclosure victim Evander Holyfield may still be the number one donor to the “Anti-Condom” Political Action Committee in Washington, but the portly father of 11 children (with six different women) may have to forfeit his “World’s Number One Illegitimate Dad” mug if one young NFL star keeps up his impressive non-marital unprotected sex pace.

Meet Antonio Cromartie.

This talented young defensive back for the San Diego Chargers enjoys making big plays, smashing bottles over people’s heads at night clubs, and collecting children like baseball cards.

According to various paternity suits, the 25-year-old NFL standout already has seven children born to mothers in five different states. It almost appears as if he has an American map on his wall, and gets to cross off every state after knocking up a girl who lives there. It’s kind of like a Jack Kerouac novel, only with more sex and les prophylactics.

Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images