Mongol Vs. Spartan

December 26, 2010

In this brutal fight, we will see how the mongol will fare against the Spartan warrior. Will the bow of the mongol proof deadly or does the sparten have enough armour to counterattack? In this first fight of the second round, we will find out.

Mongol Vs. Spartan

Mongol                                                                                                              You all know what the Mongol warrior can do. These warriors are deadly on horseback and as deadly on foot. In the last fight you saw how Borjigin fought off a Azande warrior and managed to slay him. Will he be able to do the same to his next opponent and finding a new place his people can live?

The Mongol is as always armed and ready with the scimitar, lance, recurve bow and the battle axe. The armour the Mongol is wearing is silk underclothing, upperclothing of hardend leather and iron, a helmet and a leather shield with fishglue on it, to prefent penetration.

Spartan                                                                                                            We have all seen how the Spartan became the deadliest warrior of season one, one spike. Will he do the same here, will he be able to fend off every attacker with his shield or will this Greek warrior be overpowered by the weapons of the Mongol. Our Chiron had fled England, soldiers on his tail, after the defeat of William Wallace and the murder of King Edward, he as nowhere to go but to take revenge on the person who sold him to the english king. Will he make it to this person, or be killed before he has the chance?

The Spartan is armed and armoured with the xyphos, dory spear, javelin and amentum, aspis, bronze curass, greaves and a bronze helmet. 

The Edges

Scimitar Vs. Xyphos                                                                                             The scimitar is a awesome slashing weapon and the xyphos is good at both slashing and thrusting. The problem with the xyphos is that it is quitte short. Both weapons can be used with a shield but i feel that the thrusting power of the xyphos will manage to get a kill sooner then the slashing scimitar.                                           Edge: Spartan

Lance Vs. Dory                                                                                                    The lance is a good thrusting weapon and is longer then the dory. The dory can be used with one hand and has two deadly tips in stead of one. Note that the dory may become a little bit unwieldy with the shield and it is not a perfect combination, but better then only a lance. So altough the lance is longer, the dory gets the egde.        Edge: Spartan

Recurve bow Vs. Javelin                                                                                       This is really an unfair match up. The recurve bow is quick, had a lot of shots, precise and when the string is pulled back as far as possible, can pierc armour. Note that in a one to one battle, you almost never have time to use all the power of the bow and pierc it. Usually it is quick draw and shoot. And altough it can pierc the spartan shield and armour, it will stop the arrow. So if the arrow manages to get trough the shield, it has not enough power anymore to get trough the armour. The javelin, with strap has a long range, has a high inpact and i believe it can pierce the armour of the mongol warrior too. like i said, it is unfair because the recurve bow is just the better weapon.   Edge Mongol

Aspis Vs. Battle axe                                                                                              Both are good. The aspis can defend and attack and the battle axe can be thrown to stun or if lucky, kill. The battle axe can also hook the shield away. Normally, i would argue that the shield can be used with another weapon,l but the same goes for the battle axe. i give the egde to the aspis due to the fact that it can block attacks better then the batte axe.                                                                                              Edge: Spartan

Armour                                                                                                            Both warriors have some of the best armour, i have ever seen. The spartan is totally dressed in bronze, with a big shield, while the m,ongol has the more flexible leather and a leathert shield which in fact can withstand pierce attacks. Also, do not forget the silk underclothing of the mongol that will stop a lot of pierce attacks. I would almost call this even, but the shield of the spartan is bigger and i think that he can withstand the slasing attacks of the mongol better then the mongol can withstand the piercing attacks of the spartan.                                                                            Edge: Spartan

Lets Fight


As Borjigin rode on his new horse towards the Mongolian plain, he thought about those man eating tribe. When he had killed that man, he had a good look at his face and especially, his teeth. With one gaze, he had seen that those teeth were made to eat humans. Well at least, Borjigin was able to kill that man and escape from there. He had found a new horse and was ready to report back to the khan. Getting thirsty and feeling low on energy, Borjigin stopped at a patch of grass. It was autumn and the leaves became brown and fell off the trees. A beautiful sight, Borjigin reckond. He got off his horse, took a little knife, looked for a vain on the horse and made a little cut. When he was done, he started sucking some blood out of the vain, just enough to get him going, but in a way that it did not hurt his horse. Suddenly soemthing flew trough the sky that got the attention of Borjigin. it hit his horse on the leg and, who crumbled in pain. It was strangely enough some sort of spear. He took it out and threw it away. Getting his bow, he fired his bow quicly in the direction the spear came from.          

Charon was exhousted. He had run as hard as he could in his armour, to escape his dead master and the soldiers who were hunting him down. He managed to get away, hiding in woods and old barns. Now, the only thing he wanted was to get out of here. He wanted to get away from this hostile land, where he was forced to fight battles that were not his. He wanted to get home, to Sparta. Charon did not mind dying in battle, he just wanted to die in a cause that was his, along with all his friends in the Spartan army. He missed his lover, that was ripped from him when he was taken. When he was taken, those bastards came in the night, a full platoon of soldiers. he had fought them off untill he could not go on much longer and fell down. It was then that they took him and sold him as slave. He wanted revenge, he wanted to kill the king of those basterds. Those Macedonians. He wanted to kill Alexander the Great. Suddenly, he saw a man with weapons and armour next to a horse, thinking that he was with those dreadful english. He took his javelin and amentum and threw it at the warrior, only to hit the leg of the horse. As it happend, Charon saw how the other man took his bow from the horse and started launching arrows. As the arrows came near, the Spartan lifted his shield up and was just in time to protect his body. Some arrowheads succeed in penetrating the shield and stuck out of the back of the shield. Angry, the spartan warrior, took his dory and marched to the enemy.

As he fired arrows at his opponent, who was now very clear, Borjigin saw how his arrows did not get past the shield and even the arrows that had been shot with extra force, got stuck in the shield of the enemy. Now the enemy was pacing forward, to where he stood. I will not fail my kahn, he thought as he grabbed his lance from his horse, who by now, was lying on the ground. As his enemy was still going forward, Borjigin ran with lance in hand at the enemey, yelling to scare him off.

As both warriors clashed, the lance of the Mongol hit the Spartan aspis and broke the arrows that were still stuck in it. The Spartan dory hit the opponent in the armour, but failed to penetrate. Now both warriors were jabbing at each other. The Spartan blocked all attacks with his shield, while the Mongol walked circles around the Spartan, looking for a weak spot. With neither warrior getting the egde, the lance swiped the spartan off his feet, just as he aimed his dory at the neck of the Mongol. The dory only hit the shoulder and made a little hole in the armour while the spartan fell down. Blocking another attack, the Spartan let go of his spear and pulled his xyphos out of his scabbed. Slashing the leg of his opponent as he rose, the Mongol barely was able to get out of the way and the tight ended up, getting a wound. Blocking jabs of the Mongol lance, the Spartan blocked all attacks and slashed at the hands of the Mongol. The mongol quickly released his weapon and took a run towards his horse, grabbing the shield and scimitar he ran back, only to meet the Spartan warrior halfway. Borjigin slashed with his scimitar at his opponent, trying to get past the shield. His Spartan opponent managed to keep the shield between the curved sword and his body but failed to succesful counter attack. Now Charon took it on another tour and pushed his Mongolian opponent backwards. Shashing, thrusting and pushing, he gave his opponent no room to fight back and without a warning, Borjigin fell backwards. He tripped over his horse. Releasing his shield, Borjigin rolled backwards and when he stood up, he stepped towards his opponent and parried a thust. Borjigin, needing to win this battle, pushed the shield of his Spartan opponent away and quickly grabbed the battle axe that had fallen off the horse and slashed with both weapons. Charon needed to step backwards a few times and was focused his power. The Mongol hooked the shield of his opponent with his axe and slashed the hoplite with his scimitar over the chest and arm. The curass protected the chest succesfully, but the shieldarm was not protected and the Spartan warrior fell the pain and blood over his arm, he released the aspis, which fell on the ground. Seeing this opponent weaken, Borjigin tried to slash again with both weapons and the Spartan, outarmed by his opponents two dangerous weapons ran backwards. As Charon ran, he fell on the ground and saw the Mongolian getting closer. He suddenly felt his dory against his back and grabbed it. The Mongolian who knew he was about to win this fight, jumped at Chiron with his axe up. In one last attempt to protect himself, Charon thrusted his dory spear at Borjigin as he stood up. The spear went trough the throat and a second later was Borjigin on the ground, dead.

Tired, the Spartan warrior checked if his opponent was really dead and sat on the ground, resting. This was an hard opponent and a hard fight. He had to use anything he could to defeat his foe. The only happy things were that he lived and had horsemeat for dinner.            

Winner: Spartan


Spartan: 41

Xyphos: 8.5 

Dory: 7.5

Javelin: 7.5

Aspis: 8.5

Armour: 9


Mongol: 40

Scimitar: 8

Lance: 7

Recurve bow: 8.5

Battle axe: 8

Armour: 8.5


Even though the Mongol had the superior bow, his other weapons were just not able to get past the aspis. The Spartan might get to the finale on this tour. He might even win this competiton. 

Note: There were no real animals hurt or eaten while writing this fight.