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Mongol Vs. Spartan

by AresHuls   December 26, 2010 at 6:40AM  |  Views: 1,759

In this brutal fight, we will see how the mongol will fare against the Spartan warrior. Will the bow of the mongol proof deadly or does the sparten have enough armour to counterattack? In this first fight of the second round, we will find out.

Mongol Vs. Spartan

Mongol                                                                                                              You all know what the Mongol warrior can do. These warriors are deadly on horseback and as deadly on foot. In the last fight you saw how Borjigin fought off a Azande warrior and managed to slay him. Will he be able to do the same to his next opponent and finding a new place his people can live?

The Mongol is as always armed and ready with the scimitar, lance, recurve bow and the battle axe. The armour the Mongol is wearing is silk underclothing, upperclothing of hardend leather and iron, a helmet and a leather shield with fishglue on it, to prefent penetration.

Spartan                                                                                                            We have all seen how the Spartan became the deadliest warrior of season one, one spike. Will he do the same here, will he be able to fend off every attacker with his shield or will this Greek warrior be overpowered by the weapons of the Mongol. Our Chiron had fled England, soldiers on his tail, after the defeat of William Wallace and the murder of King Edward, he as nowhere to go but to take revenge on the person who sold him to the english king. Will he make it to this person, or be killed before he has the chance?

The Spartan is armed and armoured with the xyphos, dory spear, javelin and amentum, aspis, bronze curass, greaves and a bronze helmet.