Make No Bones About It Jon Jones Is The Future

August 8, 2010

With an upcoming fight this Sunday August 1 at UFC on Versus 2, all eyes will be on the new kid Jonny "Bones" Jones. He will be fighting an experienced and well respected veteran in Vladimir Matyushenko. "The Janitor" (Matyushenko) feels as though he is being over looked but with Jones' recent performances, who can blames us for looking past Vlad. If Jones does win, the questions, after this fight, will still remain.  How will "Bones" Jones fare against top 10 competition, and how long will it be before he gets a title shot?

Just looking at one of Jones' past fights in Stephan Bonnar, we saw how truly rare of a talent Jones is. All in the first round of that fight we saw some rarely used techniques in MMA. Jones threw a spinning back kick followed immediately by a side kick. He kept his distance from Bonnar with a defensive Muay Thai kick called a teep, he suplexed Bonnar, and then threw him with a Judo technique. "Bones" also dropped "The American Psycho" with a spinning back elbow! I have never seen a spinning back elbow thrown in MMA before, and I don't think I'm the only one. Did I mention that all this happened in the first round? There could have been an argument for that round being a 10-8 round for Jones.

Jones' one blemish, a loss to Matt Hamill, is surrounded by controversy. Is the reason Hamill couldn't continue because of the shoulder injury he sustained from a take down, or from the illegal 12 to 6 elbow Jones landed on Hamill from the mount position? We will never know, but you cannot argue that Jones was dominating that fight. Jones took the loss in stride, saying that the loss lifted a weight from his shoulders, by getting it out of the way early in his career.

I believe Jones will win against Vlad as I stated on , due to his amazing physical gifts and what I call a fatherless style. Jones is trained as a wrestler, being a JUCO National Champion and a Greco Roman All-America, but seeing how well he uses Muay Thai and Judo, you would never know it. Jones is presenting as the future of MMA, he is a naturally gifted athlete who does not rely on on his bread and butter of wrestling, instead, he uses whatever technique is most useful. We have not seen much of this in MMA before, fighters tend to rely on their bread and butter. A lot of MMA fighters use unorthodox moves in training but are reluctant to use them once in the cage. Jones however, has enough confidence in his abilities to use what he practices. What make this even more amazing is that Jones is only 23 years old, but continues to perform like a grizzled veteran. With his physical gifts, confidence in his unorthodox style, and maturity beyond his years, Jon "Bones" Jones is proving to be the future of MMA.

Could "Bones" Jones one day be the face of MMA?

Written by Keith Talarico of

Originally posted on the MMA Blog.