Really Hard, Wood [Furniture?]

July 1, 2008


Dutch sculptor Mario Philippona is literally putting sexy back into furniture. He’s created a series of erotic furniture pieces in “challenging wood” all inspired by the female body.  His furniture is full of hardwood breasts, legs, thighs and bottoms all woven seamlessly into functional furniture. According to Philippona's website:

Female forms, the most attractive in nature inspired him. He designs his works on life size working drawings and assembles his sculptures from pre-cut layers of wood. This way he can reproduce the most perfect female forms. This perfectionism he recognizes in the way women use fashion, high heels, fitness and plastic surgery to portray themselves. The female images in for example Playboy are precisely composed and manipulated in PhotoShop. Allan Jones and Salvador Dali inspire Mario Philippona, high heels and legs are important parts of his furniture. The works are handcrafted from regional timber and finished with natural oil and wax.

Some of the highlights of the collection include a table with three legs which happen to be actual female legs (with included private parts), a fruit bowl made out of breasts, a wine holder supported by high heels and a chair that is made up of two sets of interlocked legs where you literally sit your bottom on her bottom.

Now that’s sexy!