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Jennifer Aniston’s Smart “Sex Tape”

by girls   March 07, 2011 at 8:00PM  |  Views: 6,974
Proving she has a fine sense of humor, Jennifer Aniston has agreed to release a viral video titled “Sex Tape” for Smart Water. Smart move Smart Water.

Jennifer Aniston mercilessly sends the internet and herself up in a new virus viral spot for Smart Water. The two minute commercial, titled Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral, features a host of webs celebs and insider internet jokes. Double Rainbow Man, lip syncing Keenan, dancing babies, adorable puppies and a kick in the crotch shot (which Jen says is worth 100,000 hits) all make there way into this epic online video.

Jennifer also brings some zing, sex appeal and spokesperson zeal to the Smart Water commercial. She’s hilarious as she interacts with cute puppies, dirty dancing babies and a parrot who mocks her “Rachel hair.” Then Jen gets sexy, shaking her hair in slow motion as she attempt to seductively quench her thirst.

It ends with Aniston agreeing to call the spot "Jen Aniston’s Sex Tape." What a sport.

This is the Jennifer Aniston we feel in love with in Friends.

Source: Smart Water


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