Transformers 3 Switches It Up

March 24, 2009

The writers of Transformers and its upcoming sequel, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, have officially said they're looking for different work after Transformers 2. Will this mess up something good or bring a new perspective to the world of battling robots?

Of their decision to leave the franchise, Orci says:

Time for fresh blood! The main reason we would move on is because we risk getting stale and comfortable. If you only sing one song for too long, you miss the opportunity to sing new songs. We’ll see.

And on top of all that, Leonard Nimoy might be the voice of the Fallen. Excited yet? Nimoy provided the voice of Galvatron in the animated 1986 movie, though Frank Welker is also in the running. Welker did the voices to Soundwave, Megatron and Galvatron in the animated television show.

Orci had this to say about Nimoy, "I actually talked to him about it, given the odd coincidence that he is Michael Bay’s cousin through marriage, but fan outcry has also put Welker in the running."

Who will it be? Who would be your choice if you had your druthers?