Auction Hunters Work Some Magic On The Vegas Storage Strip

September 2, 2011
Frank, Dean, Sammy… and Ton? This week, Ton and Allen hit up the storage circuit in Henderson, Nevada, a wealthy suburb of Las Vegas. Admittedly, a storage auction isn’t the first thing we’d hit up when arriving in Vegas, but that’s what makes the Auction Hunters so (much) money.


This auction wasn’t an easy one for the guys, as Henderson has built itself a reputation for lucrative storage auctions thanks to its many wealthy and celebrity residents (its location on the route from Los Angeles to Vegas doesn’t hurt, either). With an appropriate amount of mean-mugging, however, the guys walked away with some interesting finds for low, low prices. Even though trash bags usually equal red flags, the Hunters took a leap of faith and scored their first unit for $120. Auction 3, featuring a promising-looking safe, put the boys back a cool $200. A steal, considering they budgeted $500 for the unit.

Sold For: $1,500

The Hunters’ triple threat find, the sword, disguised in a cane, with a telescope on top, turned out to be a crucial win. Estimated to be from England around the Industrial Revolution, the Sword Cane netted the guys $1,500, or more than 10 times what they paid for the unit!

Sold For: $2,500

After a mesmerizing demo with a truly fearless assistant showed that the Zig Zag box was in great working condition, the boys got to haggling with Larry the Magician. After a round of negotiation, Larry agreed to buy the magic box for $2,500. Score!

Talk about bang for your buck: after spending a total of only $320 on the units, Ton and Allen unearthed some serious Vegas finds, including some magic props for $250, German beer steins for $350 and a titanium walker for $45. Alakazam, Nevada!

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