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Late Night Strip Poll Saturday Hangover

by spike.com   June 07, 2008 at 5:00AM  |  Views: 111

Everyone this week is so damn needy! Barack and McCain need running mates, Ed McMahon needs a loan, Universal Studios needs some sprinklers, and Tatum O’Neal needs a new excuse! Telling the cops “I’m researching a movie role” when you’re caught with crack is about as effective as telling your wife you were working with arts and crafts when you come home covered in glitter. She should take a cue from the Late Night Strip Poll and just be honest…


Like this week we got your honest opinions on who’s got the hotter sex tape, Pam Anderson or Kim Kardashian. We think we may’ve tapped into a question that’s dividing the male population ‘cause the results split right down the middle. 50% of you prefer Pam and Tommy Lee’s Cloverfield-esque, shaky-cam production of “If This Boat’s a’ Rockin’, Please Start a’ Filming” and 50% dig Ray J causin’ Kim’s eyes to cross worse than his sister Brandy’s. By the way, we love questions like this one mostly because of all the research we get to watch…


The Poll also got to the center of a question that is to dudes what a room full of monkeys is to script writing. Leave us in a room long enough with some beers and eventually we will debate the question:  “Which Sportscenter anchor would we rather throw ‘em “back, back, back, back” with?”: Chris Berman or Stuart Scott! And with a resounding “Boo-yah!” Stuart Scott “made his kinfolk proud… Pookie, Ray Ray, Moesha…” and told Boomer, “you ain’t gotta go home but you gotta get the heck up outta here!” Translation: Stuart Scott won with 51% of the vote. Damn, that was “closer than Jude Law and Natalie Portman!” Get it, “Closer” like the movie? Ok, we’ll leave the catch phrases to the pros…


Elsewhere on the Poll we found out that 64% of you think gas prices are killing your summer buzz more than havin’ to go to work, by the same percentage, you think the Desperate Housewives would crush the Sex and the City chicks in a catfight cage match, and 65% of you think a Borat bathing suit is a bigger beach faux pas than a Speedo - Which gives us an idea for a future question: “Who would you rather see squeeze into a Borat bathing suit, the Desperate Housewives or the Sex and the City chicks? Mull that one over and feel free to leave us your answers in the comment space!

And the honesty never stops on the Late Night Strip with a new poll every week. Just head on over to vote now and tune into Spike this Friday starting at midnight to see results of this week’s poll.

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