Monster Blog: Torn Between a Good Doctor and a Good Girl

by Monster_Abyss   May 07, 2009 at 12:40PM  |  Views: 108

Hey's your friendly neighborhood Monster, Abyss, coming to you fresh from this past week's TNA live events in Knoxville, TN, Corbin, KY, Huntington, WV, and Pikeville, KY. "Wow" is the only word that I think can adequately describes how awesome these events were... what a way to head into tonight's TNA iMPACT. The fans were wild and crazy and had lots of fun.  I actually saw quite a few rabid fans that I thought should be in therapy right along side me!  I bet I can bring Dr. Stevie a lot of business. I wonder if that would make Dr. Stevie happy with me??? A special Abyss thanks to my good friends at Monster Energy Drink for all their support and partnering up with TNA for a great promotion for the Knoxville live event.  I hope TNA, Monster Energy Drink, and the Monster Abyss team up for future ideas. 
Speaking of Dr. Stevie, things have not been going too good lately between the good doctor and myself.  He is starting to be mean to me whenever he determines in his head that I am not listening or agreeing with him.  In fact the other day, he almost beat me with the belt from around his waist.  And now, he's got me into quite a quandary regarding my girlfriend Lauren.  It's a long story, but basically he wants me to train TNA Knockout Daffney to wrestle in the first ever TNA Knockout Monsters Ball against Taylor Wilde.  The problem is Taylor is best friends best girl ever, Lauren! This has me so confused. I don't want to let Dr. Stevie down and not train Daffney, and I'm also a little weary over what he is going to do to me if I don't train her.  On the other hand, I don't want to let my girl Lauren down and see Taylor get hurt at the Sacrifice Pay-Per-View.  Lauren is quite upset at me now. What am I going to do everyone??  I'm being torn in two directions and have no idea right now which way to go.  I hope I figure it out before it's too late at Sacrifice.
Hey, have you all heard about this Swine flu potential pandemic crisis going on???  It's got everyone at the institution I'm in really scared. They are making all of us wash our hands every hour on the hour.  I have to take a shower everyday now instead of just a couple days a month.  Wow, this thing must be really bad.  But on the bright side, I've never been cleaner.  And then today, the news channels on in the recreation room were calling it H1N1 virus.  Which one is it??? Come on CDC (Centers for Disease Control), make up your mind.


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