Top 10 Movie and TV Schemes That Inspired Real Dumb Crimes

September 23, 2011
Just because some guys in a rented van with two and a half hours of screen time and an unlimited budget can pull of the crime of the century doesn't mean it can be duplicated in real life.


10. Fight Club

Source: CBS

A crime show like "CSI" may not get everything about law enforcement and the scientific investigative techniques they use right, but it does give a deeper insight into the process than any show before it, which is much farther than most people would like their entertainment to go (especially if you're watching it while eating, ick).

You should definitely put down your fork and knife for this one. This woman, er, man claimed he got the idea to rob a Wisconsin bank from an episode of "CSI." However, instead of using sound scientific reasoning or basic logic principals the way the principal characters do, he decided to mimic one of the dumber criminals and robbed a bank dressed as a woman.