Sexy Babes Will Teach You How to Play Rugby

September 26, 2011

Learn to ruck, maul, and tackle with a bunch of hot, oiled up babes and you might just understand Rugby Union a little more.

Rugby fever has officially taken over the world thanks to the Rugby World Cup currently taking place in New Zealand. Now, Rugby is a game that's somewhat unfamiliar to most Americans, but it shouldn't be.

Rugby is a great sport and similar to American Football, only with less padding and more play. It's definitely worth checking out. But even if you don't know the rules, have no fear. A group of sexy babes is here to save the day and guide you through the rules and play of this impressive sport. They might just make the game a little more palatable to the American sports fan.

If you're interest in checking out a game, Italy takes on the USA later tonight.